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8-Wide I/O Interface Carrier with Carrier Shield Bar Emerson VE4050S2K1C0 Emerson

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AMIKON specializes in sales of industrial automation components. Products include DCS control system cards, programmable PLC module SPS, CNC panel controllers, inverters, server drivers and various robots parts.

Hongkong, Hong Kong


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 8-Wide I/O Interface Carrier with Carrier Shield Bar Emerson VE4050S2K1C0 Emerson

 8-Wide I/O Interface Carrier with Carrier Shield Bar Emerson VE4050S2K1C0 Emerson


8-Wide I/O Interface Carrier with Carrier Shield Bar Emerson VE4050S2K1C0 Emerson


Industrial Automation

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Amikon Automation Equipment Co., LTD


8-Wide I/O Interface Carrier with Carrier Shield Bar Emerson VE4050S2K1C0 Emerson Description:

Sales Manager: Nancy Lin


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Mobile(Whatsapp): (+86)-18020776786

Amikon : 

Shipping Term : TNT,DHL,FEDEX,ETC

Payment Term : T/T

Warranty: 12 month

Amikon supply: New+original+factory sealed+high quality

Service: quotation will be sent in 9 hours

Skype + whatsapp + mobile  =  24 hours /day   Oneline.

Application field
Company products are widely used in CNC machinery and metallurgy, oil and
gas,petrochemical, chemical, paper printing, textile printing and dyeing, machinery, electronic
manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, tobacco, plastic machinery, electric power,water
conservancy, water treatment / environmental protection, municipal engineering,boiler
heating, energy, power transmission and distribution.

 8-Wide I/O Interface Carrier with Carrier Shield Bar Emerson VE4050S2K1C0 Emerson

 8-Wide I/O Interface Carrier with Carrier Shield Bar Emerson VE4050S2K1C0 Emerson

 8-Wide I/O Interface Carrier with Carrier Shield Bar Emerson VE4050S2K1C0 Emerson


If you have RSLogix 5000 version 16 or newer, you can use an Add-On
Instruction to simplify the task of configuring the module, either as a new
application, or within an existing application.
The ProSoft Solutions CD-ROM included in the package with the module
contains ladder logic, product manuals, and utility programs for all ProSoft
Technology products.
Copying the manuals and sample program from the CD-ROM
1 Insert the ProSoft Solutions CD-ROM into the CD drive of your PC. Wait for
the startup screen to appear.
2 On the startup screen, click Product Documentation. This action opens an
Explorer window. Files are arranged by type:
o The Ladder Logic folder contains sample programs for each module,
arranged by processor type, and then by product name. The sample
programs for your module are in the ControlLogix/MVI56/MVI56-MCM
o The Manuals folder contains product manuals and datasheets in Adobe
Acrobat Reader format (PDF) for each module, arranged in the same way
as the Ladder Logic folder.
o The Utilities folder contains additional programs and tools required for
some ProSoft modules. Refer to your user manual to determine if you
need to use or install any of these additional tools.
3 In the Explorer window, navigate to the files you need, and then copy them to
a location on your hard drive.
You can always download the latest version of the sample ladder logic and user
manuals for the MVI56-MCM module from the ProSoft Technology web site, at
From that link, navigate to the download page for your module and choose the
sample ladder program to download for your version of RSLogix 5000 and your

Faulhaber 1524.A0247, 1524A024SR, 15A, 28:1, Shipsameday J27

SWAGELOK Bulkhead 1/2", SS-8-VCR-A1-810, Shipsameday ZB77

SWAGELOK SS-8-VCR-61 (2X) & SS-8-VCR-6-DM, Shipsameday ZB78

IFM OG5124, 0G5125, Shipsameday1547A29

Square D SDTL200, 120/240V, 200A, Shipsameday W/2-3dayship 1371V

0319A, 0319-EL7564CM-DBU, 0319AEL7564CMDBU, M24

Festo Solenoid Valve 162202, CPE14-M1H-3-OL-1/8, MSZD-3-24DC, 1605G1

SMC NCDGLA1200, NCDGLA25-1200, 1" Bore X 12" Stroke, Shipsameday 1178S

SMC AC25BN02ENRZ, AC25B-N02E-NRZ, AF30-N02-Z, Shipsameday 1178M

Scott Specialty Gasses Regulator Model 11A, 3000 psig, RACK D BOTTOM D14

National Instruments 182845A-01, Type S8 1 Meter, ShipSameDay1627M

Square D Terminal Block, 9080GM6 Shipsameday1617B7

WESTERN ENTERPRISES SS-603A, Ss-604, Ss-60-3, Shipsameday F10

ERIN Profi Bus Lapp Kabel Stuttgart SHIPSAMEDAY W/2-3 DaysShipping 1539A8

Omron Remote Terminal 24VDC, DRT2-MD16TA, DRT2MD16TA, Shipsameday 1629R

Allen Bradley Terminal Block, 1794-TB3, 1794TB3, Shipsameday 1629F


Rittal CABLE UL, UL4315450, 4315450, UL-4315450, ShipSameDay1622A5

Ferraz Shawmut Time Delay Fuse TR3-2/10R , SHIPSAMEDAY1616D

Ferraz Shawnmut Gould TRS17-1/2R, SHIPSAMEDAY1616A2

MULTICOMP MCPRM05WJP111B00, Through Hole Resistor Metal Film MCPR X3

Telemecanique LA9D09982, LA9 D09 982, Shipsameday 1616B

Fairchild TVS Diodes Transient Voltage Suppressors 600W, P6KE51A X40

Telem GB2-CB20, GB2-CB16, GB2-CB12, GB2-CB09, GB2-CB07, GB2-CB06 137H5

Dynapar Dual Universal Input Amplifier PM28S, PM28S00, Shipsameday 137H9

Flex-Core Transformer LR89403


Stonco SLW18P-1,  Shipsameday Rack D D30

Merlin Gerlin Multi9 C60N, D16A 415V 10kA IEC947.2, Shipsameday137H14

Siemens 5SX21 & 5SX9100, C4 & C3 & C2, Shipsameday137H19

Telemecanique LP1K0610BD & LA4KC1B, Shipsameday137H21

Siemens 3RT1016-1AK62 & 3RT1016-1BB42 & 3RT1916-1CC00, 137H22

SWAGELOK Poppet Check Valve 1/4", SS-4C-5, SHIPSAMEDAY1617C2

Siemens SHUNT TRIP, 3VF9221-1JM10,  ShipSameDay 1611D

Idec APW Pilot Light w/ HW-VL3,  ShipSameday W/2-3dayship 115M

FESTO MSFG-24/42-50/60-0D, 34411, shipsameday 1540V

SMC Solenoid Valve 3 Port, VPA342-1-02A-F, ShipSameDay1556AE

SMC Solenoid Valve 3 Port, VPA344-1-02A, ShipSameDay1556AF

SMC vacuum pad b/joint w/buffer, ZPR32FGNK10-06-A14, ShipSameDay1556AG

Omron Photoelectric Sensor EE-SX473, EESX473, Shipsameday1635K5

Omron Photoelectric Sensor EE-SX673, EESX673, Shipsameday1635K6

Molex 8 Pos Header Shrouded Connector 0.100", 0705530042, SHIPSAMEDAY1634C

IDI 100030-001-922, 100030001922, S-4-A-7-G S/C, 1629T

Hex Head Cap Screws (Bolts) 3/8"-24 x 5", Grade 5, RACK G G23

Allen Bradley Terminal Block Twin Clamp Red 1492-W3TW-RE 1557K

Eagle 5300-1000 Digital Counters 53001000, SHIPSAMEDAY 1557M

Koganei ZC153B. L150185, Ship Same Day With 2-3 Days Shipping 1553F

Dodge Reliance Flange Mount Bearing F2B-8C-010, RACK D BOTOM D21

Eagle 5300-1000  SHIPSAMEDAY 1557M

Koganei ZC153B. L150185, Ship Same Day With 2-3 Days Shipping 1553F

Dodge Reliance Flange Mount Bearing F2B-8C-010, RACK D BOTOM D21

Efector 200, 0G5046, 0GP-FPKG/US-100, Shipsameday, BOX A 129A2

Festo MSSD-C-24-LED-M12-SA , 13002021, SHIPSAMEDAY 1628A30

MDC 410103 SS, BlankOff, .25"S-25 ,  Shipsameday 115A7

Lumberg Cable RST 3-RKWT 4-3-610/2M RST 3-RKWT 4-3-S797/2M 1558G

Siemens 3TF2010-0BN4 & 3TX4490-3G Lot Of 7 ShipSameDay W/2-3Daysship1546Z1

Allen Bradley Selector Switch Green light 2 Pos, 800E-A2L, 1604P8

Fairchild BAW56, Power, Switching 85V 200mA A1, SHIPSAMEDAY N18

Replace With HP SPS-TRAY, 532390-002, 484034-002, AV1145, 516966-B21 RACK K K12

Bourns Trimmer 10K, 3386F-1-103T, 3386F-1-103T-ND, M20

Swagelok Excess Flow Valve, 1/4" Tube gal/min (3.8 L) Spring, SS-XSS4-1 1610A6

Allen-Bradley 1492-CB2-G060  ShipSameDay 1654A12

Keyence PHOTOELECTRIC SENSOR PZ2-51T, PZ251T, Shipsameday 1629A1

KIP VALVE 641125, 1/8fnpt 120V 60HZ 100MOPD 10W Shipsameday ZG16

OMRON Cordset Single F39-JC3A-D, F39JC3AD, NNB, Shipsameday 1209F

Mitsubishi S-K12 & TH-N12KP, SK12, THN12KP, Shipsameday 132Z1



Swagelok BALL VALVE, B-42S4 & Parker Toggle 4Z(A)-V4L0-BP, 1/4"T ZL3

Love Temperature Control Model HS-311, HS311, SHIPSAMEDAY 102N

Phoenix contact 3200124 Ferrule - AI 10-12BN - 3200124, Qty 200 102Z

PCI Jumper ST/UPC-ST-UPC Model JPR77STM01.5

Reliance Electric 0-52838, 801416-92A, Shipsameday M1

NSK Bearing 6800ZZ, 76710104, Shipsameday WITH 2-3 DAYS SHIPPING

FORGED Cross 3000 PSI STEEL 1-1/2" FNPT, A105, SA105, Z124

Parker Cross 3/4", 12KBZSS,  12KBZ-SS-GR, Shipsameday F17

NSK Bearing 636ZZ, 76710119, Shipsameday WITH 2-3

Allen Bradley 871C-A5N18-N3 Proximity Sensor 871CA5N18N3 1647D

Swagelok Male Nut Face Seal Fitting SS-12-VCR-4, Shipsameday Box A 129G2

Entrelec M..4/60... Terminal Blocks M4/60z, Lot Of 46, SHIPSAMEDAY 1541S


Siemens Time Relay 110V, 7PU11401AJ20,  Shipsameday, 1219T

Allen Bradley Push Button 800MSX0A

SWAGELOK Tube Butt Weld Union Tee 3/8" 316L-6TB7-3 / 316L-6TB7-9, Box 9 “D7”

Allen Bradley Analog Series Cable, 1771NC6, 1771-NC6, Shipsameday RACK H H89

TURCK VB2-RS-4.43T-0.3/2FKM4/S90, VB2RS4.43T0.3/2FKM4/S90, 1330T

Cui Stack Direct Plug In Class 2 Transformer, 41-12-300C, EIA 363 9940

Swagelok Tee Reducer 3/4" X 1/2", SS-1210-3-12-8, SS12103128, ShipsamedayZL19

SMC Air Saver IA1000-01, IA100001, Shipsameday, W/2-3 Days Shipping ZA1

GE Miniature Lamp 120PSB, 10Lamps, SHIPSAMEDAY N110

Tungsten Lamp Halogen, JC24V20W/G4, 24V-20W G4, SHIPSAMEDAY N111

SPD LF5H400RD, 5920-01-222-3597, ENT-6796-A, Shipsameday, ZC1


Cooper Busdmann SD25-3R3, SD253R3,  ShipsamDay D19

Cooper Busdmann SD25-6R8, SD256R8, ShipsamDay D20

Micrel IC REG LDO 5V/ADJ 0.25A 8SOIC, MIC2954-08BM, V15

ABRACON ASV-4.000MHZ-EJ-T, Standard Clock Oscillators 4MHz 3.3V, V50

SQUARE D Pilot Light, 9001-JTR38, 9001JTR38, ShipSameDay BOX "B" 1614B42

TELEMECANIQUE LP2K0601BD + LA1KN20 + LA4KE1B, shipsameday 1635G

Panasonic ECJ-2FB0J106K, PCC2400CT-ND, CAP CER 10UF 6.3V 10% X5R V79

NEWCOMER TNMZ-332A-N60P, CARBIDE INSERTS, 78422/LQ/4-96/10, 1625AE

Checkpoint Sustems INC, A1037, 649599, SHIPSAMEDAY 1607T

SQUARE D 9001 KT35W31, 9001KT35W31, Missing Lens 1646W

SMC CDG1KRN25-50-B73 with 2x Sensor D-B73, Ship Same Day 1650F

Coil T109CE-820T27, Shipsameday, W/2-3 Daysshipping 1653BX

Gould Shawmut A25X8-1, A25X81, Shipsameday 1620A9

Cypress IC USB Peripheral, CY7C63813-PXC, CY7C63813-PXC-ND,  H39

SET, P&P KRPA-14AG-24 & 27E123, KRPA14AG24 & 27E123 1603A3

Balluff BMF305-PS-C-2-S49-00,2,  Shipsameday 137F29

Square D 9001KS11BH13,  ShipSameDay W/2-3 DaysShipping1622A2

PHOENIX CONTACT, CDS Electronics Maassluls Holland IMC753, PC9416 A, 1169F

AVX TPSB106K016R0800 478-2398-1-ND CAP TANT 10UF 16V 10% 1210W40

PARKER Bulkhead Union 3/4", 12-12WBZ-SS, 12-12 WBZ-SS, 1212WBZSS, shipsaday S2

Koganei DAC32X50 Slim-Cylinder, Shipsameday w/2-3dayshipping 127G

Swagelok Union Port 3/4" SS-1212-1 & SS-1214-1, SS-1213-1

Square D 9001-JT1 GE-775 Class 9001 Type JT1 110-120V 50/60 Ship Same Day 1654T

Quadrant Valve 3/4" FNPT ASME B16.34/API 608, Class 800, JO2AP, H29

SMC VF3130-5LZ-02, VF31305LZ02VALVE

OMRON C200H-CN771 (4X) C20H-CN712 (1X) Shipsameday1209C5

Omron Cable V600-HS61, E32-DC200, Shipsameday1209C6

Skinner Electric R2DB2200

Legris 31085308, 1/8" Npt x 1/16" T Male Branch Tee,  P26

Diodes Schottky 40V 1A Sma, B140-13-F, B140-FDICT-ND,  E104

HONEYWELL MICROSWITCH GSAB20C LIMIT SWITCH, shipsameday w/2-3 day ship 1628A13

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