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Fan Assembly 51400646-100 Rev F or G 51400764-100

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We can supply you PLC & DCS products as below. Allen Bradley , Honeywell , Bently Nevada , ABB , General Electric , ICS TRIPLEX , Triconex.

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Fan Assembly 51400646-100 Rev F or G 51400764-100

Fan Assembly 51400646-100 Rev F or G 51400764-100


Fan Assembly 51400646-100 Rev F or G 51400764-100


Board Handling - Storage

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If C300 Controller fails, it will not fail into state that should cause unsafe process conditions. When fault occurs, you should try and gather as much information as possible related to the event, such as the status of the controller, the conditions or sequence of events that occurred before the fault. 

The RDNLINKFAILED parameter is set ON when the redundancy cable is disconnected and/or partner is not running. Once the redundancy cable is reconnected to a running partner, the RDNLINKFAILED parameter is set OFF. Note that this parameter reflects the physical status of the cable (connected vs. disconnected) and in no way indicates if the redundancy cable is connected to a compatible partner. The 'Redundancy Link Inactive' and 'Redundancy Link Active' notifications are generated when the RDNLINKFAILED parameter is set ON and OFF, respectively

Sync Hardware Failure is detected locally by the primary or secondary controller which aborts synchronization and generates this alarm notification. Detection of Sync Hardware Failure is severe in that the redundant controller pair could possibly repetitively synchronize and abort synchronization continuously (unless 3 consecutive initialsync failures occur). Therefore, by design, a Sync Hardware Failure occurrence disables auto synchronization.


Allen Brandley Bently Nevada ABB Honeywell
1756-IF16 3300/50 1SAP270000R1001 CC-TAIX01 51308363-175
1746-A4 330780-91-00 3HAB8101-3/09A 51202971-112
1797-OB4D/A 3300/16-02-01-00-00-00-00 AO845A(3BSE045584R1) RM7800-L1053
1746-P3 135489-01 07 ZE 61 R302 9910160020
2711P-B10C6A2/A 330930-045-00-05 YXU149 YT296000-RX 10006/2/1
2094-BM02-M 3300-05-27-00-01 IICUC01 10004/1/1
1734-TBCJC 126632-01 NADS02 CC-TAIM01
1770-XYC 3500/32M 149986-02 3HAB8101-3/10A 8C-TAIXB1
1734-IB2/C 330930-065-02-00 3BHE024577R0101 PP C907 BE 5021493390
6160-PCD4 3500/22-01-01-01 07 EB 90-S HC900B08-0101
1606-XL480EP 3500/22 146031-02 CMA126 620-0033
2711E-T10C15 3500/45 140072-04 SA801F 3BDH000011R1  R7140L2007
2711P-T15C6A6 3300/20-XX-03-01-00-00 PU513V2 3BSE013034R1 MU-TPIX12
2711E-K10C6/B 3300/48-04-02-01-00 170M5388/PC72UD13C250T 3AUA0000090404 51153818-204
1769-IM12/A 125704-01 07DC91 51403422-150
2711P-T6C20D/D 3500/92 136180-01 INNTP01 RM7840L1026
2711-K10C15/B 3300/40-13-01-01-00-01 DRM570024LT AU 4CO 24V 3ABD00036448 900A16-0103
2711-NM15 330780-91-05 IEPWM02 51401635-150
1756-A7/A 125736-01 DAO01 MC-TAIH12
1771-AF1 131178-01 NTCF03 620-0031
2711-B5A10/F 330730-040-03-00 3HAB8101-5/10A 8U-PAOHA1
2711E-T14C6/A 3500/40 126615-01 INICI03-SCIH 621-0012
1794-ACNR15 3300/25-03-06-06-01-00-02-00 DSDI130 900H01-0102

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