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Yokogawa DCS Module AAI841-S00 ADV551-P10 AAI543-H00/ALE111-S00 New

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Our main products are: distributed control system (DCS), programmable logic controller (PLC), large servo control system. The spare parts we sell are guaranteed for one year and are rigorously tested and certified.


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Yokogawa DCS Module AAI841-S00 ADV551-P10 AAI543-H00/ALE111-S00 New

Yokogawa DCS Module AAI841-S00 ADV551-P10 AAI543-H00/ALE111-S00 New


Yokogawa DCS Module AAI841-S00 ADV551-P10 AAI543-H00/ALE111-S00 New


Industrial Automation

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Askplc Limited


Yokogawa DCS Module AAI841-S00 ADV551-P10 AAI543-H00/ALE111-S00 New Description:

Most PLC & DCS items in stock!! Welcome to us for a QUOTE.

Sales Manager : Tiffany Guan | Email

Mb(Whatsapp):+86 18030235313 | Skype : dddemi33 | QQ :2851195473

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About Moore

Automation Parts – Our online store is open 24/7 for order placement.

-PLC : Allen Bradley , Siemens MOORE, GE FANUC , Schneider

-DCS : ABB ,Honeywell, Invensys Triconex , Foxboro , Ovation,


-TSI : Triconex , HIMA , Bently Nevada , ICS Triplex

Shipping – We are taking great care to make sure that your orders are safely handled and packaged.

Receiving – All ncoming packages and mail are thoroughly UV exposed to reduce pathogens on box surfaces and open contents.

Visitors – Currently only contractors essential to keeping our immediate operations running are allowed on site, and only after

The safety of our employees and our customers is extremely important to us.


Why purchase your items fromMoore Limited?

☑ We have been trading for over 10 years and have a reputation for great service, competitive prices and friendly staff.

☑ 12 months warranty of your items

☑ Pre and Post Support from a team of degree educated electronics engineers.

☑ Your items will also be fully tested before dispatch.

☑ Express worldwide shipping with International Express, like DHL/Fedex/TNT/UPS

☑ Technical specification, manuals and data sheets: Available on request

☑ To get our best price & fast quotation, pls send us e-mail now.

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Yokogawa DCS Module AAI841-S00 ADV551-P10 AAI543-H00/ALE111-S00 New was added in Sep 2020

Yokogawa DCS Module AAI841-S00 ADV551-P10 AAI543-H00/ALE111-S00 New has been viewed 51 times

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