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IoT Cloudbased Data Logging system

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Totech Canada is a North America distributor for Ultra-low Humidity & Temperature controlled Dry Cabinets, Superdry Totech EU is ISO 9001:2015 Industry leader I4.0 smart Factory Dry Cabinet Manufacturer, Sales & service in America

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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IoT Cloudbased Data Logging system

IoT Cloudbased Data Logging system


IoT Cloudbased Data Logging system



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"Totech Canada Inc and Loggerflex collaboration on the Bun HYGRO X PLUS" is an accurate temperature and relative humidity (RH) recorder and alarm system at very low <10%RH environment with a accuracy of <1.5%RH. It is powered by 2 replaceable AA batteries for up to 10 years and connects directly to Wi-Fi. More than an accurate meter and a reliable logger, "bun HYGRO X PLUS" is also a cloud-based alarm system. All setting parameters like measurement intervals, upload intervals, minimum and maximum allowed temperature and humidity thresholds can be set through a web-based application on any platform. It sends out email and text message alarms as soon as any parameter goes wrong. It provides access to the records history, graphs and periodical reports on any platform for any cabinet environment. Its hardware the Bun hydro X plus made for Totech Canada Inc and the Free EEMS software installation is very easy and does not require any special tools or applications. A very handy easy to use wifi cloudbased data logger its FDA .approved and ..NIST Certifiable at extra cost..

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