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Parvus Announces Availability of OrbiTrak� GSM, a PC/104 Tri-Band GSM Cellular Modem Solution with 12-Channel GPS Receiver
News From Parvus Corporation
SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH � August 24, 2005 � Parvus Corporation today announced that its new OrbiTrak� GSM is now in stock. This modular PC/104 computer board is designed for intelligent vehicle and airborne computing systems requiring worldwide GSM/GPRS roaming combined with precise GPS positioning.
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Best Solder Tips
BEST Instructors have put to video demonstrations of common hand soldering skills. These are not designed to be in place of live one on one training where repetitive skills and subsequent one on one feedback is given. Rather they are quick refreshers designed to be viewed if a specific skill has not been practiced in a while.
Congressman Frank Wolf to Open iNEMI Innovation Leadership Forum

HERNDON, Va. - August 29, 2005 - The International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI) today announced that Congressman Frank Wolf (R-Va.), chair of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Science, State, Justice and Commerce, will deliver the opening remarks at the iNEMI Innovation Leadership Forum next month. The forum, co-sponsored by the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) and the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), is scheduled for September 15-16 at iNEMI headquarters in Herndon, Va.
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NY - Local Man Featured on Cover of Premier Chinese Publication
Indium Corporation of America

The publication also features a technical article by Tim Jensen, Pb-Free Programs Manager at Indium Corporation. The article, Evaluation Techniques to Simplify the Transition to Pb-Free, provides advice and easy-to-follow guidelines for manufacturers who are beginning the crucial conversion to Pb-Free electronics assembly.
MicroSnugger SMTECH/QUAD replacement Board handling System
SigmaPrint Technologies Ltd

The MicroSnugger (PAT APP FOR) board handling system from SigmaPrint Technologies can be fitted to all Sigmaprint MicroFlex and SMTech UP100 Derivative surface mount screen-printing machines
Vishay Siliconix New 150-mA LDO Regulators in Small SC-70 Package
Vishay Siliconix

MALVERN, Pa. -- Aug. 1, 2005 -- Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE: VSH) today announced two new 150-mA low-noise low-dropout (LDO) regulators with the highest available current density in the small five-pin SC-70 package.
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Component Loss in CP643
Posted byPaul Bendemire

We're experiencing about 4% loss of parts (primarily 0402 caps and resistors, few 0603s and 0805s), and the error codes are mostly 12040403 and 1CA0A009.

Reflow Oven Selection
Posted by Mark

I have an application that requires soldering pieces of metal (copper plate and copper fins to make a heatsink). Each piece is about 1 lb. I cannot test it in our reflow oven (5 zone) since the piece is about 3" in height.

Water Soluble Paste
Posted byEdgeTech

EdgeTech SMT Tech here. I was questioning the process our Engineers are using concerning Water Soluble solder paste.

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Conceptronics HVC 102
Posted by: JMW Enterprises, Inc.
Fuji CP 643
Posted by: MT America (HK) Co., Ltd.
Panasert MV2F 30/30 (Year 2000)
Posted by: Wang
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2005 Premier Customer Conference
September 06, 2005
Capital SMTA Vendor Show
September 07, 2005
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Taiwan Dry Tech Corp.
Taiwan Dry Tech Corp. is the leading company to menufacture Auto DryBox, which automatically maintain RH inside the cabinet as 30%~50%RH.
Printed cuircut board OEM manufacturer.
Utilise Gold
Utilise Gold contains an international business directory of suppliers of precious metal materials used in the electronics industry, including contacts, plating salts, pastes, solders, bonding wires and evaporation materials.
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August 31, 2005

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