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Earl Moon
There always are many questions relating to MLB's, and their constructions for laminate integrity, pad and material bond strength, dimensional stability, and electrical performance. Most often questions consist of those pertaining to board physical quality, effects of thermal stress during soldering and product operations, delamination (and related factors), warp and twist, "growth" or board "stretching/shrinkage," and what it takes to prevent defect.
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Best Solder Tips
BEST Instructors have put to video demonstrations of common hand soldering skills. These are not designed to be in place of live one on one training where repetitive skills and subsequent one on one feedback is given. Rather they are quick refreshers designed to be viewed if a specific skill has not been practiced in a while.
4th Dimension PCB is Part of Team Awarded NASA (MSFC) Contract
4th Dimension PCB, Inc.

Through this contract, 4th Dimension PCB will provide engineering and technical services to MSFC, including circuit board design services and board fabrication. 4th Dimension PCB's work will directly support the Space Shuttle, the International Space Station, and other spacecraft operations.
Indium Corporation to Feature WEEE/RoHS Compliant Materials at Productronica
Indium Corporation of America

Held only every other year, Productronica is the world�s leading trade show for electronics production, with almost 43,000 visitors from 88 different countries. Indium Corporation will be exhibiting its Suite of Pb-Free Electronics Assembly Materials for WEEE and RoHS compliance at the Productronica show in Munich, Germany on November 15-18, 2006.
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ScanINSPECT VPI Gives Production a Head Start
ScanCAD International, Inc.

Waiting until line changeover is finished not only delays detecting potential problems, it creates unplanned downtime that adds to production costs. That's the last thing any shop needs given today's competitive price-sensitive production environment
MYDATA announces first stencil-free solder paste printer

At this year�s Productronica trade show in Munich (A5:337), MYDATA automation will unveil its latest solution for flexible production. The MY500 jet printer is the SMT industry�s first stencil-free printer. This revolutionary new concept for applying solder paste to PCBs offers many advantages over the industry�s standard screen printer.
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Quad 1000, looking for opinion
Posted by dave

Depends on the actual requirements of the machine & the skill of the operator, but for that sort of money I've seen Juki 570's with a stack of feeders, Versatronics RV4's, older Mydata's, Samsung CP30's, Essemtec, Philips CSM's etc

SMEMA conveyor
Posted by olas

You should not be worried about these points in the SMEMA standard. You need to make it work for your application. If you are running really small boards, keep the gap between conveyors and the lead-in as tight as you can.

SMT tape boards
Posted by Jim

We are experinecing adhesives left on the boards after running taped boards for placement verification on NPI. We've been using 3M double sided (333) tape for over 15 years. Any other suggestions on a good tape to use?

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Philips Assembleon FCM II
Posted by: Petlock
Agilent SP1 - solder paste inspect
Posted by: Petlock
Airvac PCBRM-12
Posted by: ProCon
Posted by SMT Sales LLC
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Protel 2004
Nov. 8, 2005
Circuit Board & Layout Issues for EMC Compliance
Nov. 8, 2005
FALL FOCUS 2005: Making Media Meaningful
Nov. 9, 2005
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United ESD
Manufacturer and Supplier, ESD Flooring, esd chemicals and ionizers
BioMaxx Systems Inc.
BioMaxx Systems Inc corporate mandate is to promote clean, efficient and safe energy alternatives and to reduce emissions and control green house gas emissions for the Global alternative fuel markets.
Business & Industrial Trade Fairs Ltd
Business & Industrial Trade Fairs Ltd. (B&I) is one of Asia's largest exhibition organisers with more than 26 solid years in the profession.
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Nov. 2, 2005

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