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Mixer Gain Simulation in WinSPICE3
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Mixer Gain Simulation in WinSPICE3

Credit/Source: Silicon Devices (UK) Limited

In this note we show how we at Silicon Devices simulate mixer gain using WinSPICE3, a generic net-list driven linear and non-linear SPICE simulator. The netlists accompanying this note (available from our website) may be modified for use in other SPICE simulators however, some of the scripting used may not translate.

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Best Solder Tips

BEST Instructors have put to video demonstrations of common hand soldering skills. These are not designed to be in place of live one on one training where repetitive skills and subsequent one on one feedback is given. Rather they are quick refreshers designed to be viewed if a specific skill has not been practiced in a while.

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New Equipment

MY500 - SMT industrys first jet printer

Contact: Mydata

MV-2HTL Desktop AOI system

Contact: Mirtec

The Mark III Reflow System

Contact: Heller

Lead-Free Soldering Station

Contact: Solderite

Used Equipment


Contact: Recon

MPM UP-2000 HiE

Contact: Recon

Fuji CP-742E Chipshooter

Contact: IBE

DEK Infinity Screen Printer

Contact: IBE

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MPM UP3000 Question

Posted by Chris Griffin

It's been awhile but isn't there a sensor to tell the middle conveyor when it is lined up with the incoming and outgoing rails?...

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Low volume quality PCBs (how to)

Posted by JCsync40

In the past years I had made dozens of PCBs but now I am trying to get a professional finishing on them. The main problem is oxidation of the copper traces...

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Solder Ball After Reflow Process

Posted by Umar

I always have problem at my SMT process and production side, Every time product running at my production side always found a lot solder Ball issue near the pad of SMT chip component...

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Counterbore raw board

Posted by markb

We are looking to possibly counterbore a couple of thru holes in one of our PCBs. We would counterbore the top side, and the only trace is coming out of the bottom side...

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SMTA Processes Certification

Type: Seminar/Course

Date: Tue, August 22, 2006

Location: Heraeus Inc., PA, USA

Get the recognition you deserve, and become an important marketing tool for your company!

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Capital SMTA Vendor Show and Technical Program

Type: Trade Show/Exhibition

Date: Thu, September 7, 2006

Location: Laurel, MD ,USA

Join us for networking, technical sessions and lunch. Attendance is free, pre-registration is required

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Lead Free: Myths and Realities - Expanded Series

Type: Seminar/Course

Date: Mon, September 11, 2006

Location: San Jose,CA, USA

The only complete coverage on Lead-Free from Preparation to Production to Reliability to Rework.

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PCB Design for RF Applications

Type: Seminar/Course

Date: Tue, September 12, 2006

Location: Stone, Staffs ST15 0BQ, UK

A one-day course intended to address the needs of board designers and electronics engineers, who wish to be fully aware of the implications of modern RF design.

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Job Type: Technician

Company: Manncorp

Address: Willow Grove, PA, USA

Seeking experienced technicians to install, train, troubleshoot and service SMT and thru hole equipment...

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Job Type: Senior SMT Operator

Company: Micro Air, Inc.

Address: Allentown, NJ, USA

Set-up and operate surface mount equipment. Ability to perform SMT repair, Two years SMT machine operation experience required...

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Job Type: SMT Process Engineer

Company: Metrologic Instruments

Address: Blackwood, NJ, USA

Improve the cost effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of production processes. Develop methods, practices, and processes used to manufacture circuit assemblies...

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August 21, 2006

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