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Breakthrough in Molecular Design

Featured Article

Breakthrough in Molecular Design Could Unleash the Full Speed of the Internet

Washington State Magazine

Cherie Winner

PULLMAN,Wash.- Researchers at Washington State University have created design guidelines for new molecules that could enhance the speed of internet communications and other optical technologies.

Physics graduate student Juefei Zhou, physicist Mark Kuzyk and mathematician David Watkins used computer simulations to design molecules that will interact very strongly with light. The vigor with which a material interacts with light affects high-tech applications such as the speed of the internet,the amount of information that can be stored in a hologram and the efficacy of some cancer therapies...

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Featured Software



Rich Larue

The ProntoPLACE module is used by electronics manufacturers to generate the necessary programs for automatic assembly machines in minutes. ProntoPLACE programs most popular surface mount (SMT) placement, through-hole (THT) insertion and glue dispensing machines. Universal, Fuji, Mydata, Siemens, Panasonic, Quad assembly, Philips, Contact Systems (CS400, 3, C5 series, etc.), Camelot, and others are supported.

ProntoPLACE software also creates assembly documents and work instructions via automatic assignment of unique colors and patterns to each part number on the assembly, add text and graphic annotations. Call (203) 913-0782 for details.

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Featured Auction

Electronic Manufacturing Exchange #47


Sale Type: Online Auction

Starts: Wednesday, 24 January 2007, 01:00 AM

Ends: Thursday, 25 January 2007, 01:00 PM

Location of Assets: Worldwide

view equipment | register

Assets for Sale: Semiconductor, Electronic Assembly and Test & Measurement Equipment.

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Best Video Soldering Tips


Bob Wettermann

BEST Instructors have put to video demonstrations of common hand soldering skills. These are not designed to be in place of live one on one training where repetitive skills and subsequent one on one feedback is given. Rather they are quick refreshers designed to be viewed if a specific skill has not been practiced in a while.

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Problem with shielding component

Posted by aj

We have ran a few revisions of a New Product which is a tracking device using satellite navigation. The protos went well but now they have added a shielding can. We place 2 of these to cover the Frontend of the PCB... ��

Reflow oven problem

Posted by india123

I have 1 customer using our reflow oven, he is facing the problem that after taking the boards from reflow oven ICs & some resistors felt down. They are using our glue dispenser also, the glue is not fixed with the component... ��

Omniflow 7 conveyor

Posted by RLM

I am having some trouble with the conveyor speed on an Omniflow 7 reflow oven. Recent profiling showed that the conveyor was running to slow so I calibrated the speed using the instructions in the manual... ��

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Upcoming Events

Hewlett-Packard - Sale #18

On-Line Auction | DoveBid

Mon, January 22, 2007

IT, Plant Support & Facilities, Test & Measurement, Office Furnishings and Equipment, Electrical Equipment, Peripherals & Data Processing... ��

Electronic Manufacturing Exchange #48

On-Line Auction | DoveBid

Wed, February 07, 2007

Semiconductor, Electronic Assembly and Test & Measurement Equipment... ��

Arizona SMTA Vendor Show and Technical Program

Trade Show/Exhibition | SMTA

Wed, March 14, 2007 | Embassy Suites Hotel, Phoenix-Tempe, AZ, USA

Join the Arizona SMTA Vendor Show and Technical Program, a follow-up to the successful 2006 event. Exhibit space is now available - sign up before January 31 to save money... ��

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Career Center


SMT Technician

Borg Indak, Inc.

Delavan, WI, USA

Set up printers, placement machines and reflow ovens for production. Adjust machine parameters and CAM programs...��

SMT Process Engineer

Manconix, Inc.

Houston, TX, USA

SMT Process Engineer is responsible for all phases of PCB Assembly. This position oversees process development, improvement, and measurements for PCB manufacturing...��

Field Applications Engineer

Premier EDA Solutions Ltd.

Stanstead Abbotts, Ware, UK

Commercial experience to pioneer a new pre-sales role within the company focusing on the system-on-FPGA capabilities of Altium Designer...��


SMT Engineer

Desired Field: Engineering

Penang, Malaysia

Experienced engineer, willing to work hard and under pressure, creative. I speak fluently in english, chinese, and malay...��

Quality Assurance Specialist

Desired Field: Quality Control

Norco, CA, USA

30 years successful experience in Quality Assurance Management, Laboratory, Inspection and Cross-Section Evaluation. Working Member of I.P.C. Publications...��

SMT Engineer

Desired Field: Engineering, Production

Naples, FL, USA

6 years of experience in electronics. I know how to program, operate, maintain, setup SMT machines. I also know how to operate AOI equipment...��

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January 18, 2007

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