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Pad Cratering - The Invisible Threat to the Electronics Industry

SMTnet Express September 6, 2012, Subscribers: 25455, Members: Companies: 8972, Users: 33613

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Pad Cratering - The Invisible Threat to the Electronics Industry

First published in the 2012 IPC APEX EXPO technical conference proceedings.

by: Chris Hunrath; Integral Technology, Inc.

Pad Cratering opens circuits. This occurs when the resin crack (fracture) migrates through a copper trace or via. This happens at assembly, in service or during handling. When component is removed, PCB copper pad comes with it, leaving behind a "crater" in the PCB. Has become more prevalent with lead free assemblies. Contributing factors include board thickness, size, resin type, CTE of the PCB and component, solder type, component position, assembly conditions post assembly handling...

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