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The Industry Requirement for 2D and 3D Inspection Technology in a Single AOI Platform

SMTnet Express November 21, 2012, Subscribers: 26000, Members: Companies: 9045, Users: 33968

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The Industry Requirement for 2D and 3D Inspection Technology in a Single AOI Platform

by: Brian D'Amico; MIRTEC Corporation

The continuing evolution toward advanced miniature packaging has led to ever increasing PCB density and complexity. As the manufacturing process becomes progressively more complicated, there is an ever increasing probability for defects to occur on finished PCB assemblies. For years the Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) industry has relied solely upon two-dimensional (2D) inspection principles to test the quality of workmanship on electronic assemblies. While advancements in conventional 2D optical inspection have made this technology suitable for detecting such defects as missing components, wrong components, proper component orientation, insufficient solder, and solder bridges; there is an inherent limitation in the ability to inspect for co-planarity of ultra-miniature chips, leaded device, BGA and LED packages.

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