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Technical Library

Boundary Scan Advanced Diagnostic Methods

Boundary-scan (1149.1) technology was originally developed to provide a far easier method to perform digital DC testing to detect intra-IC interconnect assembly faults, such as solder shorts and opens. Today�s advanced IC technology now includes high-speed differential interfaces that include AC or DC coupling components loaded on the printed circuit assembly. Simple stuck-at-high/low test methods are not sufficient to detect all assembly fault conditions, which includes shorts, opens and missing components. Improved diagnostics requires detailed circuit analysis, predictive assembly fault simulation and more complex testing to isolate and accurately detect all possible assembly faults.

First published in the 2012 IPC APEX EXPO technical conference proceedings.

by: Christopher Cain; Agilent Technologies

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SMT / PCB Products

iico Pick & Place System
iico Pick & Place System

For the latest electronic production needs...

by: Europlacer

PCB Cleaning Agent
HYDRON WS 325 Cleaning and Defluxing Agent

For cleaning water soluble flux residues...


Stencil Wipes

The best in class stencil treatment technology...

by: Aculon

Valor® MSS Asset Utilization Software
Valor MSS Asset Utilization Software for PCB Assembly

Real time graphical status of events...

by: Mentor Graphics

ProtoMat Series
PCB Milling Machine
ProtoMat Series PCB Milling Machine

State-of-the-art rapid PCB prototyping...

by: LPKF Laser...

EXCEN High Speed
Modular Mounter
EXCEN High Speed Modular Mounter

World's Highest Area Productivity...


Mark5 Series -
Reflow System
The Mark III Reflow System

Up to 40% reduction in nitrogen consumption...

by: Heller

CELLS - MES & Tracking Software
Unisoft CELLS MES & Tracking Software

Total traceability in manufacturing floor...

by: Unisoft Get Your Power Membership

SMT / PCB Equipment Auctions

Masterwork Electronics Continued Operations
- SMT Assembly Equipment

February 26 - 28

auction by: Cardinal Circuit Auctions

Assembly Plus - Complete Closure of Well Maintained Contract Manufacturer

February 26 - 27

auction by: X-Line Asset Management

Electronic Equipment Mart

Samsung CP45FV NEO
Pick and Place
Samsung CP45FV NEO Pick and Place

IBE SMT Equipment

all marketplace listings

Screen Printer
DEK 248CE Screen Printer


all marketplace listings

Vi Technology Vi-3K
Vi Technology Vi-3K AOI

CE Exchange

all marketplace listings

Electrovert Aquajet
Stencil Cleaner
Electrovert Aquajet Stencil Cleaner

JMW Enterprises

all marketplace listings

Glenn Seely, 1956-2013

We've lost a close industry friend in Glenn Seely. Glenn worked for SMTnet a few years ago and we all enjoyed working with him. Glenn was truly a really nice guy who oftentimes had a wonderful smile on his face, just like in the photo we have in this article.

A memorial for Glenn was held in Nebraska on Saturday, February 9 and another will be held on Sunday, February 17 in Lago Vista, TX. A memorial account has been set up for Glenn�s family and to help defray medical costs:

Seely Family Memorial Fund
Fremont National Bank & Trust
152 E 6th
Fremont, NE 68025
Mandy Petersen - Banker

Thank you Glenn from the entire SMTnet team. We will miss you but not forget you.

View the obituary

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Cleaning Before Conformal Coating - Free Online Webinar
Feb. 14.

APEX Expo 2013
Feb. 19., San Diego, CA, USA

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AXI Programmer

San Jose, CA, USA | Flextronics International

Senior Customer Service Engineer


Field Service Technician

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Electronic Process Engineer

Brampton, Orlando, Canada

SMT Process Engineering Specialist

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

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Aegis Industrial Software

SP700avi inline stencil printer

Martin EXPERT 10.6 - BGA Rework System

IPC Apex Expo 2013

PCB Depaneling

Nordson Yestech - AOI Solutions

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Aqueous Cleaning

Valor MSS Process Preparation

Insite B Bench Top AOI

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