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Technical Library

Conformal Surface Plasmons Propagating on Ultrathin and Flexible Films

by Xiaopeng Shen,Tie Jun Cui,Diego Martin-Cano, Francisco J. Garcia-Vidal; Southeast University, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Donostia International Physics Center

Surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) are localized surface electromagnetic waves that propagate along the interface between a metal and a dielectric. Owing to their inherent subwavelength confinement, SPPs have a strong potential to become building blocks of a type of photonic circuitry built up on 2D metal surfaces; however, SPPs are difficult to control on curved surfaces conformably and flexibly to produce advanced functional devices. Here we propose the concept of conformal surface plasmons (CSPs), surface plasmon waves that can propagate on ultrathin and flexible films to long distances in a wide broadband range from microwave to mid-infrared frequencies.

We present the experimental realization of these CSPs in the microwave regime on paper-like dielectric films with a thickness 600-fold smaller than the operating wavelength. The flexible paper-like films can be bent, folded, and even twisted to mold the flow of CSPs...

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productronica ? Innovation all along the line

Nov. 12 - 15, 2013, Munich, Germany

Join the leading trade fair which show-cases the entire value chain in electronics production.

SMT / PCB Products

BGA Rework Station
FINEPLACER� coreplus BGA rework station

The perfect blend of performance and cost...

by: Finetech

PCB Cleaning Agent
HYDRON WS 325 Cleaning and Defluxing Agent

For cleaning water soluble flux residues...


CELLS - MES & Tracking Software
Unisoft CELLS MES & Tracking Software

Total traceability in manufacturing floor...

by: Unisoft Get Your Power Membership

MPM Momentum
Stencil Printer
MPM Momentum Series Stencil Printers

A highly reliable printing system...

by: Speedline

Pick & Place System
iico Pick & Place System

For the latest electronic production needs...

by: Europlacer

BTU Dynamo
Reflow Oven
BTU Dynamo Convection Reflow Oven

Excellent temperature & gas flow uniformity...

by: BTU

EXCEN High Speed
Modular Mounter
EXCEN High Speed Modular Mounter

World's highest area productivity...


Mark5 Series -
Reflow Oven
The Mark III Reflow System

Up to 40% reduction in nitrogen consumption...

by: Heller

SMT / PCB Equipment Auctions

Jabil - Surplus Equipment to Ongoing Operations

X-Line Asset Management

September 9 - 10

by: X-Line Asset Management

Late Model Laser Machining and SMT Equipment

GoIndustry DoveBid - SMT Equipment Auctions

September 5 - 6

by: GoIndustry DoveBid

Electronic Equipment Mart

Agilent SJ50+
Agilent SJ50+ AOI

IBE SMT Equipment

all marketplace listings

Crown Simplimatic
Reflow Exit Conveyor
Crown Simplimatic Reflow Exit Conveyor


all marketplace listings

ERSA Versaflow 40/50
Selective Soldering...
ERSA Versaflow 40/50 Selective Soldering Machine

CE Exchange

all marketplace listings

Vitronics XPM2
Reflow Oven
Vitronics XPM2 Reflow Oven


all marketplace listings

Events Calendar

SMTA International 2013
- Conference & Exhibition

October 13 - 17 | by: SMTA

a unique event connecting the conference and exhibition together with programs like Doctor's Hours, the Sharing and Networking Experience...

productronica 2013
- 20th International Trade Fair

November 12-15 | by: Messe Munchen

Find the entire value chain for electronics production in the leading international trade fair.

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Business/Pricing Analyst

Austin, TX, USA | Nordson ASYMTEK

SMT Programmer/Lead

Franksville, WI, USA | BEI Electronics,LLC

Electronic Assembly / Operators / Technicians

Appleton, WI, USA | Surface Mount Technology Corp.


Customer Service Engineer

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Chennai, India

SMT Test Ebgineer

Pune, India

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Next Event: Webinar: Free Webinar: High Reliability and RoHS - September 17


IPC - Association Connecting Electronics Industries is a US-based trade association dedicated to the competitive excellence and financial success of its nearly 2,600 member companies which represent all facets of the electronic interconnection industry, including design, printed wiring board manufacturing and electronics assembly. Membership Info | Training & Certification Programs | Standards & Publications - Online Store

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Capital Equipment Exchange - Used PCB Assembly Equipment

Late model, well maintained Laser machining equipment, Underfill machine and SMT equipment

NextJet Fluid Dispensing - Asymtek

SP700avi inline stencil printer from Speedprint

Europe's No. 1 source for pre-owned SMT equipment - AdoptSMT

Aquanox A4638 water soluble flux cleaner - Kyzen

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FINEPLACER� coreplus BGA rework station - Finetech

ii-Feed tape feeding solution for Europlacer machines

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