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New Ideas... For New Horizons at IPC APEX EXPO 2014

Conference & Exhibition: March 25 - 27, 2014

Mandalay Bay Resort & Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV

New Ideas... For New Horizons at IPC APEX EXPO 2014.

Increase your industry knowledge with IPC APEX EXPO Professional Development Courses.

Learn the latest in design, lead-free technology, PCB fabrication and materials, quality & reliability and more through Professional Development courses. Subject-matter experts will lead three-hour classroom instructions and discussions with handbooks for participants.

PD Course Highlights include:

  • DFX: Design for Excellence - Parts I and II (PD 10 and 18)
  • Reflow Soldering Process & the Influence on Defects (PD 02)
  • Best Practices in Electronics Assembly - Parts I and II (PD 03 and 04)
  • Advanced HDI Substrates: Next Generation for Product Implementation (PD 12)
  • Failure Analysis for Improved Reliability (PD 20)
  • Becoming an EMC Competent Board Designer - Understanding What Happens Rather than Learning Rules (PD 26)
  • SMT and Through Hole Defect Analysis and Process Troubleshooting - Parts I and II (PD 13 and 16)
  • 3-D Embedded Component Packaging: Design and Assembly Process Implementation (PD 09)
  • Preventing Assembly Production Defects and Failures (PD 17)
  • Challenges of BGAs and BTCs in a Lead-Free World (PD 21)

View all PD courses.

Maximize Your Learning Experience

With so many outstanding courses to choose from and so many subject-matter experts to interact with, the best registration option is our All-Access Package which provides access to:

  • Your choice of up to six professional development courses
  • All technical conference sessions and online proceedings
  • Standards development committee meetings
  • IPC luncheons (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday)
  • Show floor concession cash on Thursday
  • Design Forum
  • PCB Supply Chain Leadership Meeting or EMS Management Council Meeting (must qualify)

Register by February 28 and save 20%.

"The professional development courses at IPC APEX EXPO provided great learning tools for our company. All of us gained tremendous knowledge and felt motivated by what we learned."

- David Gale, Manufacturing Manager; MJS Designs, Inc.


"I wanted to learn as much as I could about HDI at IPC APEX EXPO. Three of the four professional development classes I attended were about HDI, and they did not disappoint."

- David L. Wynants, Sr. Process Engineer; Taconic Advanced Dielectric Division


"The professional development courses at IPC APEX EXPO provided an excellent foundation for my education. I feel like I gained five years' experience in just three days."

- - Jeffry Hanwell, Chemical Engineer; The Lincoln Electric Company

APEX 2014 Featured Exhibitors

SpeedPrint - Booth # 2147

Manufacturer of full functionality in-line automatic Stencil Printers.

SP710 Screen Printer

The SP710 will be equipped with a dual syringe Advanced Dispense unit for precise deposition of solder paste or adhesive materials.

Europlacer - Booth # 2472

Manufacturer of highly flexible SMT pick and place systems.

Lzero3 - Electronic Storage and Retrieval Cabinet.

The Lzero3 configurable cabinet has the flexibility to be adapted and tailored to fit a company's particular production process.

GPD Global - Booth # 611

Manufacturer of high quality, precision, automated fluid dispensing & component-prep systems.

FPC - Feed Pressure Control.

A closed loop system designed to maximize performance of your dispense pump by providing a constant supply of fliud regardless of reservoir level or fluid.

Heller Industries - Booth # 1262

Manufacturer of reflow soldering ovens.

Mark 5 - 100% Forced Convection Reflow Oven

With up to 40% reduction in nitrogen and electrical consumption, the MK 5 system is not only the premier reflow soldering system but the best overall value in the industry!

MIRTEC - Booth # 2263

Manufacturer of desktop, in-line AOI, SPI, and X-ray inspection equipment.

MS-15 Series - In-Line SPI Machine

Enhanced image quality, superior accuracy and lightening fast inspection rates.

ZESTRON - Booth # 2035

Manufacturer of high precision cleaning products.

ZESTRON® EYE - Digital Monitoring System

Enables the precise measurement and control of the cleaning bath concentration for electronics cleaning processes in real time.

AMTECH - Booth # 549

Manufacturer of RoHS-compliant solder products for electronics assembly marketplace.

AMTECH Solder Pastes

All AMTECH solder pastes conform to ANSI/J-STD-006 and are available for immediate delivery in jars, cartridges, syringes and ProFlow Cassettes.

Nordson ASYMTEK - Booth # 1937

Manufacturer of automated fluid dispensing, jetting and conformal coating products.

The Spectrum? II Series Scalable Fluid Dispensers.

Delivering precision accuracy in 3 axes to meet evolving industry demands for smaller keep-out-zones, smaller dot sizes, and thinner lines.

Creative Electron - Booth # 1947

Manufacturer of the award winning TruView line of X-Ray inspection systems.

TruView Number Series Fully Modular X-Ray System.

The first scalable x-ray system in the world that keeps up with your needs as they change.

Samsung C&T Automation - Booth # 910

An independent American subsidiary of the Korean conglomerate Samsung C&T Corporation.

DECAN F2 High Speed Wide Range Placer

The highest productivity and mounting precision in it class. Handling large-size PCBs.

Kyzen - Booth # 1963

Manufacturer of award winning cleaning chemistries for electronics applications.

AQUANOX? A8820 - Aqueous Cleaning Fluid

Effectively removes common solder pastes and fluxes, and demonstrates a favorable compatibility profile with stencil cleaning systems.

Count On Tools - Booth # 725

COT specializes in high quality SMT nozzles and consumables for pick and place machines.



A cost effective way to load many components, including odd-form and custom components, without having to purchase expensive feeders.

PVA - Booth # 2071

Supplier of conformal coating systems, fluid dispensing solutions and precision valve technology.

JDX Jet Dispense Valve

An extremely fast, non-contact jet dispenser that precisely dispenses viscosities up to 400,000 cps.

Glenbrook Technologies - Booth # 735

Manufacturer of real-time X-ray inspection systems & image processing systems.

RTX-113 Real time X-Ray Inspection System.

Used to inspect PCBs and assembled PCBs containing advanced components such as BGAs, uBGAs and Flip Chips.

Digitaltest - Booth # 900

Manufacturer of automated test equipment (ATE), software for production automation and quality management systems.

Condor MTS500 Flying Probe Tester.

Providing high accuracy probing, highest level of test coverage, easy programming and, standard AOI and opens check capabilities.

Henkel Electronic Materials - Booth # 1619

Manufacturer of materials for PCB and component assembly.

LOCTITE HF 212 Halogen-Free Solder Paste

Solder paste for medium and large board assemblies. High reliability and a wide reflow process window.

BTU International - Booth # 2445

Global supplier of advanced thermal processing equipment and processes to the electronics assembly market.

Dynamo Convection Reflow Oven.

Designed specifically for processing consumer electronics. Available with 8, 10, and 12 zone models.

DDM Novastar - Booth # 824

Manufacturer of cost-effective turnkey SMT and through hole assembly systems for low to medium volume PCB assemblers.

DDM Novastar Unveils New Pick & Place at Apex Expo 2014.

The L-SF40 is a complete, affordable turnkey automatic pick and place system that can be put in production right out of the box.

ESSEMTEC USA - Booth # 851

Manufacturer of SMD production equipment (pick+place, dispenser, printers, ovens, handling) for small, mid and high volumes.

Essemtec to Introduce World's First SMT Assembler with Integrated Solder Paste Jet Printer at APEX.

ASC International - Booth # 1946

Manufacturer of 3D automatic optical inspection systems and process control tools.

VisionPro AP500 3-D SPI System

Incorporates the most advanced, rapid 3-D inspection technology.

Alpha 1 Technologies - Booth # 706

Remanufactured SMT and Through Hole equipment in the US and around the world. Universal Instruments' premier partner

SmtXtra - Booth # 739

SmtXtra supplies feeders, nozzles and spare parts for all SMT Equipment.

JMW Enterprises - Booth # 2139

A full-service stocking dealer of pre-owned electronic assembly equipment.

IBE SMT Equipment - Booth # 865

For over a decade IBE SMT Equipment has provided quality SMT equipment and service to customers around the world.

X-Line Asset Management - Booth # 1968

A leading provider of disposition and auction services which help customers liquidate surplus assets to the global marketplace.

SMTnet - Booth # 837

Helping businesses find each other.

Learn about our new product, WHO Saw You! »

Additional highlights include:

Register by February 28 and save 20%.

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