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The Last Will And Testament of the BGA Void

Dave Hillman, Dave Adams, Tim Pearson, Brad Williams, Brittany Petrick, Ross Wilcoxon - Rockwell Collins, Dr. David Bernard, John Travis, Dr. Evstatin Krastev, Vineeth Bastin - Nordson DAGE

The impact of voiding on the solder joint integrity of ball grid arrays (BGAs)/chip scale packages (CSPs) can be a topic of lengthy and energetic discussion. Detailed industry investigations have shown that voids have little effect on solder joint integrity unless they fall into specific location/geometry configurations. These investigations have focused on thermal cycle testing at 0°C-100°C, which is typically used to evaluate commercial electronic products.

This paper documents an investigation to determine the impact of voids in BGA and CSP components using thermal cycle testing (-55°C to +125°C) in accordance with the IPC-9701 specification for tin/lead solder alloys. This temperature range is more typical of military and other high performance product use environments. A proposed BGA void requirement revision for the IPC-JSTD-001 specification will be extracted from the results analysis.

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