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BGA Process and Product Failures - Causes and Cures, January 29th Webinar by Bob Willis

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An Alternative Solvent with Low Global Warming Potential

R. Basu and R. Hulse - Honeywell International

In the past 20 yrs the solvent industry has gone through a great deal of change. In the early 1990s, CFC-113 and 1,1,1-trichloroethane were the workhorses of the industry. The Montreal Protocol to phase-out substances that deplete the Earth's protective Ozone Layer was implemented in the mid 1990s. After phase-out of the CFC solvents, the solvent industry fragmented to a variety of cleaning solutions.

The electronics industry was a large user of CFC solvents and many of these applications changed to aqueous based cleaners (...) But those alternatives are now facing various problems: e.g. aqueous based cleaners use a lot of energy, require long drying times, use equipment that requires frequent maintenance, and require a large footprint; no-clean fluxes leave flux residues; and trichloroethylene and n-propyl bromide have toxicity issues. In response to these serious issues newer solvents and blends are being introduced in the marketplace....

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