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Make the Right Design Choices in Load Switching and Simulation in a High Current and Mechatronic Functional Test

Derek Ong, Lok Teng Kee, Chuah Rhun Chia; Keysight Technologies

In a typical mechatronic manufacturing functional test setup, actual load simulations are usually done by connecting the DUT outputs to power or ground in order to establish either a high or low side driver. Each output is connected with different load and the test will either be sequential or concurrent. At lower power levels, these can usually be managed with general purpose switches. However, when it comes to higher power levels of currents more than 5 amps, such switching and loading might pose a greater challenge. Furthermore, critically in the manufacturing line, the tradeoff between cost and test time would have a great influence on the test strategy.

This paper will present some key points to design a cost effective high power switching and load management solution.

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