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Duo-Solvent Cleaning Process Development for Removing Flux Residue from Class 3 Hardware

Mike Bixenman, DBA - Kyzen Corporation | Ryan Hulse, PHD - Honeywell International | Joe McChesney - CSD Automation; Kyzen Corporation

Packaging trends enable disruptive technologies. The miniaturization of components reduces the distance between conductive paths. Cleanliness of electronic hardware based on the service exposure of electrical equipment and controls can improve the reliability and cost effectiveness of the entire system. Problems resulting from leakage currents and electrochemical migration lead to unintended power disruption and intermittent performance problems due to corrosion issues. (...)

The research study will evaluate the cleaning and electrical performance using the IPC B-52 Test Vehicle. Lead Free noclean solder paste will be used to join the components to the test vehicle. Ion Chromatography and SIR values will be reported.

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