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SMTnet - where else would you meet over 500,000 industry professionals? SMTAI 2016 Electronics Manufacturing Conference & Expo

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Technical Library

New Approaches to Develop a Scalable 3D IC Assembly Method

Charles G. Woychik Ph.D. Sangil Lee, Ph.D., Scott McGrath, Eric Tosaya and Sitaram Arkalgud Ph.D.; Invensas Corporation

The challenge for 3D IC assembly is how to manage warpage and thin wafer handling in order to achieve a high assembly yield and to ensure that the final structure can pass the specified reliability requirements. (...)

In this paper, we will discuss various assembly options and the challenges posed by each. In this investigation, we will propose the best method to do 2.5D assembly in an OSAT(Outsourced Assembly and Test) facility.

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SMTA International 2016

SMTA International Early Bird Deadline - August 26!

Save Money

Conference: September 25 - 29, 2016

Exhibition: September 27 - 28, 2016

Rosemont, Illinois, USA

If you haven't registered for the SMTA International Technical Conference yet, now is the time. The Early Bird Deadline is Friday, August 26! Register before then to save 10% on the conference rates. You could save over $100 on a VIP Package.

Register Today

SMTA International 2016 Highlights

Daniel Kuhl

Keynote: "How's Your Storage?"

Daniel Kuhl, Vice President of Engineering Seagate Technology, will present on the BIG memory storage explosion and factors influencing global design and architecture, technology progression and infrastructure for manufacturing and validation. The data storage industry continues to be heavily driven by demanding requirements on capacity, higher performance and miniaturization while remaining sensitive to value. Technology continues to push design and material requirements. Daniel will share current technologies, technology enablers of the future and speak to the memory consumption rate of today and what is anticipated for the future

Sensors Midwest Expo Logo

Co-located Sensors Midwest Expo

Join thousands of engineers, engineering professionals, and scientists for Sensors Midwest, a 2-day event, taking place September 27-28, 2016 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL, that will feature education, networking, and a packed Expo Floor with an anticipated 65+ exhibitors showcasing their latest sensing technology and products.

Tech Tours

Tech Tours!

Make sure to sign up for a special guided tour of placement or inspection equipment on the show floor. Get your questions answered and see first-hand the latest technology to help you increase yield.

SMTAI Women's Leadership Connection

Women's Leadership Connection

We extend an invitation to everyone at SMTA International to attend a session of all women presenters on Monday afternoon at 2pm. This will be followed by a panel discussion on the technical achievements of women, mentoring, and STEM initiatives. The afternoon concludes with our annual Women's Leadership Connection Reception with wine and hors d'oeuvres from 5pm - 6pm.


Co-located IPC Fall Standards Development Committee Meetings:

Contribute to the industry standards and guidelines that your company, customers and suppliers rely on by participating in the IPC Standards Development Committee Meetings. This landmark collaborative effort by both associations has proven a major benefit to the electronics manufacturing industry as a whole.
The full meeting schedule is available here

Control Your Processes: Get answers to your questions about Process Improvement, Lead-Free Soldering, Surface Finish, Harsh Environments, Lean Initiatives, 3D Packaging Technology, and more.
View the full conference schedule


The "SMART" Zone

SMART... not just for phones anymore.
Come see our new feature area combining the use of manufacturing techniques, embedded technology and sensor capabilities. We will have demonstrations of practical uses for Sensors and Wearables plus the materials required to make them work in a "Real World" environment. Sponsored by Flex.

Students and Young Professionals Night Out

Students and Young Professionals Night Out

Ready for some fun? This special event offers a great networking opportunity mixed with an evening of entertainment! Dust off your bowling shoes and head to Kings Bowling & Entertainment for a chance to connect with fellow students and other "millennial" young professionals in the industry. Food, beverage, bowling and shoe rental is provided. Please select this option on your registration form.

Save 10% or more

There are multiple opportunities to get discounted registration for the conference.

  • Save 10% when you register before August 28, 2015
  • Save 10% if it is your first time attending SMTA International
  • Register four people for a Technical Conference or VIP Conference Package and deduct $100 from each registration.
  • Currently enrolled students can attend for just $25!

Early Bird Deadline: August 26, 2015

Register Today

Special thanks to our Premium Sponsor!

Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America

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GPD Global


Automated fluid dispensing systems.

Heller Industries


Premier reflow ovens.

Mirtec Corporation


AOI and SPI systems.

ZESTRON Corporation


Premier engineered cleaning solutions.



Training, consulting, assembly.



SMT pick and place equipment.

BTU International


High-throughput convection reflow ovens.

Count on Tools


SMT nozzles and consumables.

Glenbrook Technologies


Real-time X-ray inspection systems.



Reflow oven thermal monitoring tools.

Kyzen Corporation


Precision cleaning chemistries.

Scienscope International


Stereo microscopes, X-Ray, AOI.

Speedprint Technology


In-line automatic stencil printers.

ASC International


SPI, AOI, X-Ray inspection systems.

JTAG Technologies


Boundary scan software and hardware.



Precision rework systems.

Seika Machinery


Distributor of SMT, QA and ATE products.

VI Technology


AOI, 3D-SPI and software products.

Virtual Industries


Manual vacuum handling solutions.



TTC, MSD control products.

Equipment Services LLC


Used and new SMT assembly equipment.



Component lead forming equipment.



Dispensing, jetting and coating systems.



Electronics Manufacturing Web Portal - Helping businesses find each other.

Used PCB Assembly Equipment - CE Exchange - Rework Tools

HANDY series Automatic soldering robots - 1 Click SMT

Software for PCB Manufacturing - Unisoft

Why Use Plasma Treatment Prior To Conformal Coating. Download the 'The Effects of Plasma Treatment Prior to Conformal Coating' White Paper.

Fast INSPECTION & automatic COMPONENT REEL COUNTING with XQuik AccuCount - Compact X-Ray system

DS Series large board dispensers - GPD Global

HELLER - Choose an Oven for Your Reflow Needs

Custom SMT Equipment Nozzles - Count on Tools

Scienscope - Complete PCB Inspection Solutions

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