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SMTnet Express, December 12, 2019, Subscribers: 33,007, Companies: 10,941, Users: 25,408

IPC APEX EXPO 2020 ��� Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence in Electronics

This year marks the 20th anniversary of IPC APEX EXPO and IPC is thrilled to celebrate this event milestone with exhibitors and attendees. APEX EXPO continues to be the best place to network with peers, re-connect with fellow committee members, participate in professional development courses, listen to a fascinating keynote, and experience a show floor, host to top-rated suppliers, innovators and experts in the electronics industry.

What's New at IPC APEX EXPO 2020

  • Technical Conference Featuring the Fundamentals Program: The Fundamentals Program is a new option for those attending the Technical Conference. Geared toward adding value to the attendee experience, the program provides curated content covering the many facets of the electronics industry. Program to include intro to IPC and standards basics, safety/EHS ��� environmental standards, circuit board design and fabrication, components and terminology, soldering process, surface reliability considerations, and more
  • Sessions @ the Intersection: Whether at the intersection of business and engineering or the intersection of two industry organizations, these sessions are free to all attendees and will address the hottest industry topics. Session topics include diversity in the supply chain, PCB challenges, emerging applications, and technology developments evolving material and fabricator expectations.

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IPC APEX 2020 Featured Exhibitors


GPD Global - High Precision Fluid Dispensers

IPC Apex Booth # 3609

Nordson ASYMTEK - Panorama Automated Conformal Coating Line

IPC Apex Booth # 1611

Techcon Smart
Dispensing Robots

IPC Apex Booth # 2247


Essemtec Fox2 Smart-sized Modular Pick & Place

IPC Apex Booth # 2301

Feeder Finger - SMT Placement Tape Feeders

IPC Apex Booth # 3620

Europlacer Atom 3 Flexible High-Speed Placement

IPC Apex Booth # 1910

Speedprint SP700AVi Screen Printer

IPC Apex Booth # 1951

Juki RS-1 High-Speed, Flexible Pick & Place

IPC Apex Booth # 2819


Heller Mark 7 Reflow Oven for High-Throughput Applications

IPC Apex Booth # 2137

Qualitek High Performance Pb-Free Solder Materials

IPC Apex Booth # 729

BTU Pyramax Reflow Oven with Aqua Scrub Flux Management

IPC Apex Booth # 3119


ZESTRON ATRON�� DC Decoating Cleaner For Conformal Coatings

IPC Apex Booth # 1319

PCB Cleaning Chemistries

IPC Apex Booth # 1637


High-Performance 3D AOI

IPC Apex Booth # 1900

HIOKI In-Circuit and Flying Probe Testers

IPC Apex Booth # 3645

VJ Electronix - XQuik II Auto Load
with AccuCount Technology

IPC Apex Booth # 3627

In-line 3D SPI

IPC Apex Booth # 2025

Koh Young Zenith
Full 3D AOI

IPC Apex Booth # 2336


Metcal CONNECTION VALIDATION™, The Next Generation of Soldering

IPC Apex Booth # 2247

Virtual Industries
Vacuum Tweezers

IPC Apex Booth # 1200

PACE TF 2800 Large Board BGA/SMT Rework System

IPC Apex Booth # 530


Clariant Moisture Control Products

SMTAI Booth # 1040

FKN Systek PCB Depanelizers

IPC Apex Booth # 2946

IBE SMT Equipment

IPC Apex Booth # 2528

SMTXtra USA - SMT Equipment Feeders, Nozzles, Spare Parts

IPC Apex Booth # 2315

Super PCB - PCB Prototype and PCB Production Services

IPC Apex Booth # 4038

Scienscope AXC-800 III
X-Ray Component Counter

IPC Apex Booth # 2536

Blackfox Premier IPC Training &
Certification Programs

IPC Apex Booth # 1000

Other show highlights

  • Listen to aerospace legend Burt Rutan speak on the new era in commercial space travel and race for space in his keynote presentation.
  • Offering something for everyone, from informative classes for engineers ready to level-up in their careers to advanced classes, this year's professional development courses will help you build your knowledge and enrich your career.
  • Take in a multitude of networking activities, from the newcomers reception and ribbon cutting ceremony to the ice cream social on the show floor.
  • IPC CFX Industry 4.0 Digital Factory: Participate in a live demonstration Tuesday through Thursday on the show floor of IPC-CFX, the electronics industry's developed standard for the foundation of Industry 4.0. The demonstration will feature how both the HERMES standard (IPC-9852) and IPC's Connected Factory eXchange (CFX) IoT messaging standard (IPC-2591), work seamlessly together to deliver SMT automation value.

Register »», 98 Elm Street, Portland, Maine 04101 USA, Tel.207-780-0887.


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Europlacer pick and place 50 year anniversary

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