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Technical Library

Automatic Visual Inspection of Printed Circuit Board for Defect Detection and Classification

Inspection of printed circuit board (PCB) has been a crucial process in the electronic manufacturing industry to guarantee product quality & reliability, cut manufacturing cost and to increase production. The PCB inspection involves detection of defects in the PCB and classification of those defects in order to identify the roots of defects. In this paper, all 14 types of defects are detected and are classified in all possible classes ...

Credits: SV National Institute of Technology

Automated Inspection Of PCB Components Using A Genetic Algorithm Template-Matching Approach

Automated inspection of surface mount PCB boards is a requirement to assure quality and to reduce manufacturing scrap costs and rework. This paper investigates methodologies for locating and identifying multiple objects in images used for surface mount device inspection. One of the main challenges for surface mount device inspection is component placement inspection.

Credits: Springer-Verlag

Detection of PCB Soldering Defects using Template Based Image Processing Method

In this study, a predefined template-based image processing system is proposed to automatically detect of PCB soldering defects that negatively affect circuit operation. The proposed system consists of a scaled inspection structure, a camera, an image processing algorithm merged with Fuzzy and template guided inspection process. The prototype is produced using a plastic material, depending on the focal length of the camera and the PCB size. Image processing step comprises two steps. Firstly, solder joints are determined and boxed using Fuzzy C-means clustering algorithm.

Credits: Selçuk University

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Electronics Forum

SAC305 preforms not wetting to ENIG pad in fluxless process -- I have a SAC305 preform with which I am attempting to bond a gold coated component to an ENIG coated PCB pad. I've specified 2 microinches of gold for the ENIG. It worked previously but now with a new batch of boards, I am having an issue where the preform is just not wetting at all to the pad. The preform wets totally fine to the component, but not at all to the PCB pad. The component practically falls off after the reflow. Ultrasonically cleaning the boards in Acetone/IPA hasn't helped. Wetting to the boards with normal flux cored solder and a soldering iron works fine, so flux would probably help if I was allowed to use it (I'm not).

Solder Paste Printing -- I am working with a CM in Taiwan and we are seeing significant differences between the paste printing bon the forward stroke vs the backward stroke. Print parameters are the same (pressure, speed, snap off speed) but there is a significant difference in the measurements from the SPI system. Any thoughts?

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SMT, PCB Electronics Assembly Manufacturing News

Heller Industries Proud Recipient of 2021 Service Excellence Award for Soldering Equipment

The 2021 Service Excellence Award for Soldering Equipment was given to Heller Industries. Circuits Assembly recognizes companies that receive the highest customer service ratings, as judged by their own customers.... | Heller Industries Inc.

IPC Issues Call for Participation for IPC APEX EXPO 2022

IPC invites engineers, researchers, academics, technical experts and industry leaders to submit abstracts for IPC APEX EXPO 2022 to be held at the San Diego Convention Center. Professional development courses will take place January 23, 24 and 27, 2022 and the technical conference will take place January 25 to 27, 2022.... | IPC

Hentec Industries/RPS Publishes an Engineer's Guide to Component Re-Conditioning Process

Gold plating dissolves rapidly during soldering and can result in gold embrittlement. This tech paper examines how to re-condition electronic components prior to soldering.... | Hentec Industries, Inc. (RPS Automation)

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XTECH Auctions - Where Technology Sells

TYPE: On-Line Auction

DESCRIPTION: Closer of Full Production Floor. Electronic Equipment & Supplies - Delta Tau Data Systems Inc. (

FEATURING: All equipment was extremely well maintained) *Additional assets added from other suppliers. *Inspection available appointment only. ...!!!

SCHEDULE: April 27 -29, 2021

SPONSOR: XTECH Auctions - Where Technology Sells

XTECH Auctions - Where Technology Sells

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DI-Water vs. Chemistry - April 27th | April 27 - 27 | ZESTRON

SMT Processes Certification Course: Juarez, Mexico | April 27 - 29 | SMTA

SMTconnect | May 4 - 6 | Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH

 Zestron - Webinar: Cleaning before coating

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