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Technical Library

Rapid Deployment of Automated Test-System for High-Volume Automotive USB-C Hub

Adoption and integration of USB-C chargers and hubs in automotive applications is driving a need for an updated approach to production tests due to USB-C's connector density, high bandwidth, and high power. We introduce a new paradigm in test-system development, micro-FCT (micro Functional Test), and ...

Credits: Acroname

Design for Testability (DFT) to Overcome Functional Board Test Complexities in Manufacturing Test

Manufacturers test to ensure that the product is built correctly. Shorts, opens, wrong or incorrectly inserted components, even catastrophically faulty components need to be flagged, found and repaired. When all such faults are removed, however, functional faults may still exist at ...

Credits: Advanced Test Engineering (A.T.E.) Solutions, Inc.

Test Fixture Design Presentation ICT & FCT Test Fixtures

Quality Control is essential in production processes. In the PCB Assembly process there are several Quality Control steps or options. The most popular tests are the electrical (In-Circuit or ICT) and the function (functional or FCT/FVT) test. ICT test fixtures are standardized ...

Credits: INGUN Pruefmittelbau GmbH

Forum search results for related keywords: functional test: 320

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Electronics Forum

Juki NF44 feeder for JX-Model PnP -- Hi, Does anybody know if the Juki NF44 mm feeder is compatible with the JX-200 model pick-n-place? Thanks in advance.

PB-Free HASL and Leaded Solder -- Want to update this question a little, I know it appears few years ago, but I hope there is some updates... We have to assembly few samples of motherboards with this kind of finish ...

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SMT, PCB Electronics Assembly Manufacturing News

Unicomp X-ray Testing Equipment Promotes the Development of Lithium Battery Industry

owadays, with the rise of energy and oil prices and the advance of electric battery technology, there are all kinds of lithium batteries from mobile phones, electric cars to buses and automobiles.Today, our lives are inseparable from lithium batteries. In order to obtain high quality lithium battery products, it is necessary to improve .... | Unicomp Technology Co., Ltd

SemiPack Invests in Additional Hentec/RPS Photon Steam Aging System

Photon steam aging system provides accelerated life testing simulating elongated storage conditions for high reliability applications.... | Hentec Industries, Inc. (RPS Automation)

Indium Corporation Experts to Present at ICEHET

Two of Indium Corporation's experts will present in the virtual International Conference for Electronics Hardware Enabling Technologies(ICEHET) virtual conference, hosted by SMTA Toronto, June 2-3.... | Indium Corporation

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