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XTECH Auctions ��� August 10-12, 2021 Auction Announcement

Baja Bid - August 25-31, 2021 Auction Announcement

SMTnet Express, August 12, 2021, Subscribers: 26,820, Companies: 11,423, Users: 26,800

Technical Library

Analysis of the Influence of Shrinkage Tensile Stress in Potting Material on the Anti-Overload Performance of the Circuit Board

In this article, the influence of shrinkage tensile stress in potting materials on the anti-overload performance of a circuit board was studied. Firstly, the phenomenon of shrinkage tensile stress in common potting materials was analyzed, and it was found that the commonly used potting adhesives displayed large shrinkage characteristics. Secondly, a small experiment was set up to verify that the shrinkage tensile stress of potting adhesives would lead to printed circuit board (PCB) deformation, and the shrinkage stress was contrary to the acceleration direction of overload. Thirdly, the influence of potting adhesives on the overload resistance of the PCB was analyzed.

Credits: Nanjing University

Potting And Encapsulating — Avoiding Voids

Formulators of multi-component adhesives, potting and encapsulation materials are careful not to supply products with entrapped air. They do this by manufacturing under vacuum or degassing them before supplying to the end user. Consequently, entrapped air in a mixed material is usually a processing issue.

Credits: Intertronics

Maximal Performance Through Vacuum Potting

The performance of electronic components is compromised by factors such as bubbles in the potting medium. Increasing numbers of applications — particularly in the automotive and electronics industries — therefore require completely bubble-free dispensing methods. This is where potting in a vacuum comes into focus. The widespread school of thought about this technology is that it is too ...

Credits: Scheugenpflug Inc.

Coatings and Pottings: A Critical Update

Conformal coatings and potting materials continue to create issues for the electronics industry. This webinar will dig deeper into the failure modes of these materials, specifically issues with Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE), delamination, cracking, de-wetting, pinholes/bubbles and orange peel issues with conformal coatings and what mitigation techniques are available. Similarly, this webinar will look at the failure modes of potting materials ...

Credits: DfR Solutions

Design, Development & Analysis of Vacuum Chamber of Potting Machine

This paper shows the Design and Finite Element analysis of vacuum chamber of potting machine designed for electronic ignition coil applications. There are two types of potting methods 1) With Vacuum 2) Without Vacuum.

Credits: D Y Patil College Of Engineering Akurdi, Pune

Forum search results for related keywords: potting: 1235

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Electronics Forum

PCB was swollen after SMD -- Hi all, The PCBA was swollen after SMD It is hard PCBA with 6 layers and SMD both sides Defect rate: ~ 5% Phenomenon: swell at the same side, same position (at 2 IC positions). Did not find any abnormality in SMD process as well as storage condition. The humidity card is good condition and the storage time is only 2 months. I got some advice that all PCBs with 6 layers must be baked before inputting SMD without care how long storage. SMD 2nd side must be finished within 24 hours after finishing SMD 1st side. These conditions will help to reduce the swell situation. Please kindly advise.

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Conformal Coating Guidelines -- I have put subjects in the search here and unable to locate something defined. Does anyone have a generic guideline you would follow if the customer and/or IPC doesn't state something? Couple examples is allowance of overspray on an outside of a connector body.

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Samsung CP45FV NEO main start switch problem -- hello guys, I got a problem with MAIN START switch on Samsung CP45FV NEO. The switch itself works, and it activates contactors #1-1 #1-2 and #3 but after pressing READY button there is en error msg reporting that MAIN START has not been pressed. Already checked contactor voltages and CAN board. It looks like there is sensor on some of boards that doesnt register MAIN SWITCH being pressed???

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Online SMT Auction August 25th-31st, 2021

Baja Bid will be liquidating excess and unused assets via online auction. The bidding for this event will open promptly at 8:00am EST on August 25th and the closing will begin at 1:00 pm EST on August 31st.... | Baja Bid

Koh Young America Participating at the SMTA Ohio Valley Expo & Tech Forum on 25 August 2021

Atlanta, Georgia — In support of the SMTA and its local chapters, Koh Young America will be supporting the Ohio Valley Expo & Tech Forum Wednesday, August 25th at the Holiday Inn in ... | Koh Young America, Inc.

Semtech Purchases Hentec/RPS Pulsar Solderability Test System

Pulsar solderability test system determines how well molten solder will wet on solderable surfaces of electronic components.... | Hentec Industries, Inc. (RPS Automation)

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AUCTION | Electronic Test Measurement Auction


TYPE | On-Line Auction

FEATURING | Electronic Test Measurement Auction - Ongoing operation of Southern California telecommunications company and More!!!

SCHEDULE | Aug 10 — Aug 12, 2021

XTECH Auctions ��� August 10-12, 2021 Auction Announcement

AUCTION | August 2021 Online SMT Auction


TYPE | On-Line Auction

FEATURING | Items Including: 2005 Universal Instruments GC-60D SMT Pick & Place, [3] 2006 universal Instruments GI-14D SMT Pick & Place, 2006 DEK Horizon 01i Screen Printer, Agilent 3070 In-Circuit Tester, Agilent 3070 In-Circuit Tester Cards, Universal Instruments Transport Conveyors and More!!!

SCHEDULE | Aug 25 — Aug 31, 2021

Baja Bid - August 25-31, 2021 Auction Announcement



TYPE | On-Line Auction

FEATURING | Excess equipment from large Southern California-based contract assembler moving into a new location. and More!!!

SCHEDULE | Aug 31 — Sep 2, 2021

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Baja Bid - August 25-31, 2021 Auction Announcement

XTECH Auctions ��� August 10-12, 2021 Auction Announcement

ZESTRON Webinar - August 24, 2021

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