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Technical Library

Cracks: The Hidden Defect

Cracks in ceramic chip capacitors can be introduced at any process step during surface mount assembly. Thermal shock has become a "pat" answer for all of these cracks, but about 75 to 80% originate from other sources. These sources include ...

Credits: AVX Corporation

Flex Crack Mitigation

As part of continuous process improvement at KEMET, most failure modes caused by the capacitor manufacturing process have been systematically eliminated. Today these capacitor manufacturing-related defects are now at a parts per billion (PPB) level. Pareto analysis of customer complaints indicates ...

Credits: KEMET Electronics Corporation

Anisotropic Grain Growth And Crack Propagation In Eutectic Microstructure Under Cyclic Temperature Annealing In Flip-Chip SnPb Composite Solder Joints

For high-density electronic packaging,the application of flip-chip solder joints has been well received in the microelectronics industry. High-lead(Pb) solders such as Sn5Pb95 are presently granted immunity from the RoHS requirements for their use in high-end flip-chip devices, especially in military applications. In flip-chip technology for consumer electronic products ...

Credits: National Chiao Tung University

Accurately Capturing System-Level Failure of Solder Joints

Consortium Projects - Thermal Cycling Reliability

  • Consortium projects allow for joint research to investigate the reliability of multiple solder alloys under a variety of environmental stress conditions.
  • Project jointly sponsored by iNEMI and HDP User Group and including CALCE and Universal consortium currently assessing 15 third-generation solder alloys.

Credits: DfR Solutions

Forum search results for related keywords: chip crack: 158

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Electronics Forum

Pin Headers -- I work for a small company as an apprentice. We build mostly mass produce double sided PCBs. We are having trouble keeping the pin headers flat to the PCB through the reflow oven process. The first side is pasted through a printer and populated by ...

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CircuitCam Penalization -- I have some questions regarding penalizing board in CircuitCam. I am using kinda old version of CircuitCam but if someone know this software, it will easy for them to figure out. Does anyone know CircuitCam who can help me out? Please reply to this thread so I can share my contact info to connect. I will appreciate any help.

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SMT, PCB Electronics Assembly Manufacturing News

IPC Welcomes Language in Senate Defense Appropriations Bill Supporting R&D on Lead-Free Electronics

The U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee this week released their fiscal year 2022 defense appropriations bill, which for the first time included language supporting further research and development (R&D) into the issues surrounding lead-free electronics in mission-critical applications.... | IPC

IPC Welcomes Language in Senate Defense Appropriations Bill

PRIDE Industries Partners with 3rd Stone Design to Build Life-Saving Medical Devices

BiliDx system will detect infant jaundice in developing countries... | PRIDE Industries, Inc.

PRIDE Industries and 3rd Stone Design to Build Life-Saving Medical Devices

Naprotek, an Edgewater Capital Partners Portfolio Company, Acquires SemiGen

Naprotek, LLC has completed the acquisition of SemiGen, Inc., a privately held company based in Londonderry, NH. This increases Naprotek's capabilities to include advanced RF/Microwave products, assembly, and test services and expands its reach across the United States.... | Naprotek, Inc

Naprotek acquired SemiGen

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