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Technical Library

Effect of Nano-Coated Stencil on 01005 Printing

... The most important attribute of a stencil is its release characteristic. In other words, how well the paste releases from the aperture. The paste release, in turn, depends on the surface characteristics of the aperture wall and stencil foil. The recent introduction of new technology, nano-coating for both stencil and squeegee blades, has drawn the attention of many researchers.

Credits: Speedline Technologies, Inc.

Evaluation of Stencil Foil Materials, Suppliers and Coatings

The past few years have brought PCB assemblers a multitude of choices for SMT stencil materials and coatings. In addition to the traditional laser-cut stainless steel (SS) or electroformed nickel, choices now include SS that has been optimized for laser c

Credits: Shea Engineering Services

An Investigation Into The Durability Of Stencil Coating Technologies

This paper addresses durability of the coatings in relation to the number of print cycles and underside wipe cycles applied as well as materials used on the underside wipe process. Different parameters will be applied and data will be collected. The results of this study will be summarized to help those using or considering the use of these nano coatings to improve their print process and suggestions will be given to maximize the life of the coatings.


Hand Printing using Nanocoated and other High End Stencil Materials

... The effectiveness of both the nanocoatings as well as the higher end stainless steel materials, which have been heretofore studied in controlled printing environments, will be evaluated for their impact on the hand printing process. The purpose of the study was to determine the effectiveness of select nanocoating materials as well as certain high end stainless steel stencil materials as they relate to the manual SMT printing process. A variety of nanocoatings were applied to SMT metal stencils and solder paste volume measurements were taken to compare the effectiveness.

Credits: BEST Inc.

Forum search results for related keywords: nano: 98

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Electronics Forum

Ultrasonice Automatic Stencil Cleaner -- Team, Looking for best cost effective option for Automatic Stencil Cleaner (Ultrasonic) for Cleaning the stencils after solder paste printing process. Max size of stencil is 32" X 32".Please suggest.

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Using Oxygen Absorbers/Scavengers -- Hi SMTnet. I have a series of sensitive parts and solder preforms which degrade when exposed to oxygen and moisture. It seems the standard way of protecting these components is to use a nitrogen purged cabinet as storage. This seems to use a lot of nitrogen as there is normally a constant flow of nitrogen through ... Thanks!

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SMT, PCB Electronics Assembly Manufacturing News

Productronica 2021 Messe Munchen - Most Popular Trade Fair for SMT and PCBA Electronics Assembly

Productronica 2021 is an innovative, unrivaled, and international event. This is one of its kind of events that showcase the entire value chain in the production industry of electronic goods, from technology and components to software and services. As an international trade fair, Productronica Munich 2021 covers the entire range of present and futuristic products, technologies, and system solutions.... | Unicomp Technology Co., Ltd

Unicomp showing at Productronica 2021

IPC Invites Industry Leaders to Submit Poster Abstracts for IPC APEX EXPO 2022 in San Diego

IPC invites researchers, technical experts and industry leaders to submit abstracts for poster presentations at IPC APEX EXPO, the industry's premier conference and exhibition for electronics manufacturing. Poster presentation networking sessions are scheduled for February 25 from 5-6 pm; February 26 from 2:30-3:30 pm; and February 27 from 12-2 pm. For the first time ever, poster presentations will take place on the APEX EXPO show floor, maximizing the potential audience for poster presenters.... | IPC

IPC APEX EXPO 2022 - Submit abstracts

Koh Young Neptune C+ Wins Global Technology Award for Best New Test Inspection System

Atlanta, GA - Koh Young, the industry leader in True3D™ measurement-based inspection solutions, is excited to announce Global SMT & Packaging recognized the new Neptune C+ for dispensing process inspection (DPI) with the prestigious Global Technology Award in the category of Test Inspection. Koh Young accepted the award during the 2021 Productronica trade show in Munich, Germany.... | Koh Young America, Inc.

Koh Young wins award for  Best New Test Inspection System

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