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Technical Library

Using Blockchain in Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles have the potential to revolutionize the automotive industry and are gaining immense attention from academia as well as industry. However, facets of autonomous vehicle systems related to the interconnection of independent components pose vulnerabilities to ...

Credits: VJTI Mumbai

Coordinating Hundreds of Cooperative, Autonomous Vehicles in Warehouses

Occasionally, mature industries are turned upside down by innovations. The years of research on robotics and multiagent systems are coming together to provide just such a disruption to the material-handling industry. While autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs) ...

Credits: Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence

Autonomous Vehicle Implementation Predictions - Implications for Transport Planning

This report explores the impacts of autonomous (also called self-driving, driverless or robotic) vehicles, and their implications for transportation planning. It investigates how quickly such vehicles are likely to develop and be deployed based on experience with previous vehicle technologies; their likely ...

Credits: Victoria Transport Policy Institute


Motorized transportation has changed the way we live. Autonomous vehicles are about to do so once more. This evolution of our transport - from horses and carriages, to cars, to driverless vehicles, - has been driven by both technical innovation and socioeconomic factors. In this report we focus on ...

Credits: Wevolver

Governing Autonomous Vehicles: Emerging Responses For Safety, Liability, Privacy, Cybersecurity, And Industry Risks

The benefits of autonomous vehicles (AVs) are widely acknowledged, but there are concerns about the extent of these benefits and AV risks and unintended consequences. In this article, we first examine AVs and different categories of the technological risks associated with them. We then explore ...

Credits: National University of Singapore

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Electronics Forum

What caused this? -- <Thread deleted> Attachments:PCB1.jpg

Views: 2296

Heller 1500 blower fan -- Hello Team, Do you have blower fan (JF1F071N) for Heller 1500 and Heller 1809 model? I'd like to get some. Appreciates!!!

Views: 218

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SMT, PCB Electronics Assembly Manufacturing News

Dr. Vahid Akhavan, NovaCentrix, to Present at SMTA Capital Chapter Meeting on January 20th

The SMTA Capital Chapter Officer team is excited to provide our members with a free technical webinar on "Use of Photonic Soldering to Rework Chip Components" presented by Dr. Vahid Akhavan, Global Application Engineer at NovaCentrix. The presentation ... | SMTA

SMTA technical seminar

XDry Helps Analogic Keep out Moisture with Award-Winning Dry Box

XDry Corp. today announced that Analogic purchased a Dry Box.... | XDry

Analogic purchased XDry Dry Box

2022 Marks 35th Anniversary of the First Pioneering IR System

PDR is pleased to announce that 2022 marks the 35-year anniversary of the development of the first pioneering IR system. 30 years and 4500 installed IR Rework Systems later, PDR has ... | PDR-America

PDR - 35th anniversary of 1st IR system

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ICT PCBA Conformal Coating Machine

Coating Equipment


VIGON® NX 700 Next Gen pH Neutral Cleaning











Mark 7 Series Reflow Oven



Catalina Benchtop Dispenser


GPD Global

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Full-featured Benchtop Dispense System - GPD Catalina

SMT / PCB Equipment Auctions



AUCTION | 1st in a Series: Complete N95 Mask Production Facility Remarkable offering of Branson Ultrasonic Welders Calvary Robotics N95 Nose Clip & Print Systems All Equipment Purchased New in 2020

AUCTIONEER | The Branford Group

TYPE | On-Line Auction

FEATURING | Item 1 - Branson 2000X Series Rotary Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Assembly Systems, Item 2 - Branson 2000X Series Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Systems

SCHEDULE | January 19 – 20, 2022

Branford Group Jan 19 & Feb 17 Auctions Announcement

AUCTION | Buy ... * Siemens P&P * DEK Screen Printer * Siplace Feeders * Rehm Reflow Ovens ... SOA German EMS Auction

AUCTIONEER | The Branford Group

TYPE | On-Line Auction

FEATURING | Siemens Placement Machines and Feeders, DEK Horizon Screen Printer, Rehm Nitro Reflow Ovens, SEHO 2340F Lead-Free Wave Soldering Machine,

SCHEDULE | February 8-10, 2022

Branford Group Jan 19 & Feb 17 Auctions Announcement

AUCTION | 2nd in a Series: Complete N95 Mask Production Facility Remarkable Offering of Dukane & Branson Ultrasonic Welders Ace Controls-Fanuc N95 Nose Clip & Print Systems All Equipment Purchased New in 2020

AUCTIONEER | The Branford Group

TYPE | On-Line Auction

FEATURING | Complete N95 Mask Production Cells - Quantity 12

SCHEDULE | February 17-20, 2022

Branford Group Jan 19 & Feb 17 Auctions Announcement

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Electronic Equipment Mart

MART - Equipment For Sale

World Equipment Source - Coherent Diode-Pumped Laser

PCB Labeling Equipment

World Equipment Source, LLC

AllSurplus Panasonic NPM-W P&P

Pick and Place/Feeders


KD Electronics - ASM Siemens Parts

Pick and Place/Feeders

KD Electronics

Qinyi Electronics - Panasonic DT401=M


Qinyi Electronics

 Digital Test MTS-505 Condo II

AOI / Automated Optical Inspection

Baja Bid

 Lewis & Clark Viscom S3088  AOI

AOI / Automated Optical Inspection

Lewis & Clark

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MART - Equipment Wants

World Equipment Source Assembleon MG-1R

Pick & Place/Feeders

World Equipment Source, LLC

Lewis & Clark Agilent 3070

In-Circuit Testers

Lewis & Clark

KD Electronics Agilent 3070

In-Circuit Testers

KD Electronics

Mydata SMT Placement Machine

Pick & Place /Feeders

Baja Bid

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Pan Pacific Microelectronics Symposium | January 31 - 3 | SMTA

Dallas Expo & Tech Forum | March 22 | SMTA


ZESTRON Analytical & Support Services

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 EPTAC - Your 2021 IPC Training Schedule

Online IPC Training & Certification - Now open for limited in-person training


IDEA-STD-1010 Essentials For Counterfeit Component Identification Online Live
Jan 19-20, 2021 | New Hampshire, Manchester | EPTAC Corporation

Counterfeit Components Workshop Online Live Training
Jan 21, 2021 | New Hampshire, Manchester | EPTAC Corporation

Hand Solder Rev 8 Certification Course
Mar. 14 - Mar. 18, 2022 | New York, Rochester | EPTAC Corporation

Component Identification Online Live Certification
Mar 25, 2021 | New Hampshire, Manchester | EPTAC Corporation

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Field Service Engineer
Florham Park, NJ | Heller Industries Inc.

SMT Process Engineer
Milwaukee, WI | Cree Lighting

Soldering Technician, Touch-up for PCBAs
Santa Cruz, CA | Dynamic Engineering

Business Development Sales Manager, Microelectronics
Suwanee, GA | MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions

Nashville, NC | ACDi

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SMTA - Surface Mount Technology Association is a non-profit international association of companies and individuals (totalling 4,000) involved in all aspects of advanced electronics assembly, surface mount and related technologies.

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IPC - Association Connecting Electronics Industries is a US-based trade association dedicated to the competitive excellence and financial success of its nearly 2,600 member companies which represent all facets of the electronic interconnection industry, including design, printed wiring board manufacturing and electronics assembly.

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