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Technical Library

Using X-Ray Systems To Detect Counterfeit And Reworked Electronic Components

Much has been said and written about the accuracy of visual attribute inspections of potentially counterfeit components. The techniques and procedures being used to inspect counterfeit and reworked electronic components in the open marketplace can be quite effective in most cases.

Credits: World Micro

Analyzing the Impact of X-ray Tomography on the Reliability of Integrated Circuits

X-ray tomography is a promising technique that can provide micron level, internal structure, and three dimensional (3D) information of an integrated circuit (IC) component without the need for serial sectioning or decapsulation. This is especially useful for counterfeit IC detection as demonstrated by ...

Credits: University of Connecticut

Head-on-Pillow Defect Detection — X-ray Inspection Limitations

Both the number and the variants of Ball Grid Array packages (BGAs) are tending to increase on network Printed Board Assemblies (PBAs)with sizes ranging from a few mm die size Wafer Level Packages (WLPs) with low ball count up to large multi-die System-in-Package (SiP) BGAs with 60-70 mm side lengths and thousands of I/Os.

Credits: Ericsson AB

Inclusion Voiding in Gull Wing Solder Joints

This paper provides definitions of the different voiding types encountered in Gull Wing solder joint geometries. It further provides corresponding reliability data that support some level of inclusion voiding in these solder joints and identifies the final criteria being applied for certain IBM Server applications. Such acceptance criteria can be applied using ...

Credits: IBM Corporation

Considerations for Minimizing Radiation Doses to Components during X-ray Inspection

The ability to undertake non-destructive testing on semiconductor devices, during both their manufacture and their subsequent use in printed circuit boards (PCBs), has become ever more important for checking product quality without compromising productivity. The use of x-ray inspection not only provides a potentially non-destructive test but also allows investigation ...

Credits: Nordson DAGE

Forum search results for related keywords: x-ray : 987

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Electronics Forum

SMT Fuji MCS30 -- Hi, I bought a monitor and when connect it to the MCS30 this appears on the screen. I send a Photo but I write the information. 0 004 053 FDX $Dwwwwwwwwwwwqwwwwwwwwwwwwqwwwwwwwwwwwqwwwwwwwwwwqwwwwwwww%pqSSS%$@D %$ JNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN NNnGGGGGGGGGKNNNNNNNNNNNN NNNNNNNNNN N@@p $spssp @@ NNN NNNNNn @@@@@ Attachments:

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Reflow oven omniflow 10E -- Hello everyone! We currently have a 10 zone oven, omniflow 10E, the CPU hard drive is bad and we don't have the installation files! neither the software nor anything. Does anyone know any contact or information related to this oven? I am looking for the software or a disk image of the oven if anyone has it or can get it. I hope someone can help me, thanks! Attached images of the oven we have and the CPU motherboard

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SMT, PCB Electronics Assembly Manufacturing News

Pneumatic Nibbler for singulating multiple tabs of a tab Routed PCB

Cleanly and easily separate a row of up to 10 tabs without dust. Singulating tab routed printed circuit cards in low to medium volume production quantities is safe and easy with the N115 Nibbler from FKN Systek. Two sharp support blades on either side of the tab help cleanly slice the PCBs from the tabs.... | FKN Systek

FKN Systek Introduces Pneumatic Nibbler for singulating multiple tabs

Registration Open for Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo (EWPTE)

Free of charge, EWPTE offers unique educational and networking opportunities... | IPC

IPC Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo

Seeking Student Applications for 2022 Stromberg Scholarship

The SMTA is currently seeking student applications for the JoAnn Stromberg Student Leader Scholarship by April 29, 2022.... | SMTA

SMTA wants students to apply for scholarship

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