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CP4 Direct I/O PLC status picture request

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 19 16:08:36 EDT 2012 | rodrigo

Hi all, I'm still trying to get our CP4 to work. I've found 3 relays with bad contacts but replacing them didn't help (weird). I'm trying to check the input lines to the Direct I/O PLC. Could someone take a picture of the LEDs (IN1-3 and OUT1-3) aft

Director Fuji Flexa + CP4

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 17 15:26:08 EDT 2012 | kruzer

Hi I use CP4, CP6, CP643, GLV and NXT, but i have a problem with CPIV, i cant use It with Director Fuji Flexa. i use snifer rs232 (rs232mon) to resolve problem and what i know: Computer send on rs232 to machine (every 1 min or something): vQN2105

Director Fuji Flexa + CP4

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 18 14:35:56 EDT 2012 | kruzer

I can not send or receive proper of the machine, also i cant send or recive program. on the second computer I have, "ESMT 1.0.1," there without any problem computer communicates with the machine, but this is an old program and wants to have everythin

Six Sigma Training

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 02 12:47:15 EDT 2012 | deanm

Even though I cannot answer your question about a good Six Sigma training course, our company has had training in lean which I felt was helpful. You stated that one of your goals was to reduce cost/waste. That goal seems to lend better to a lean ma

Large component count board

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 06 14:08:56 EDT 2012 | dyoungquist

We run a MY12 and our largest layout has 9700 components of which about 8500 (88%) are placed by the Hydra head. Average run time for our layout is 75 minutes. Based on that and depending on what percentage of your components are Hydra mountable, y

Electrovert OmniExcel 10 Oven - Zone 5 Upper won't hold temperature

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 25 10:05:05 EDT 2012 | kz9yyc

Hello all, I am having difficulty with an OmniExcel 10 oven. Zone 5 upper will not hold setpoint = 165C (it typically runs ~10C higher). Here is what I know: 1. The machine is not turning on zone 5 heat when temp is too high. 2. Zone 5 lower is

Mirtec Training Request

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 04 22:39:51 EST 2013 | armandogomez

Ok we have to admit that for some reason you went for the used machine, but the $6000 are worth it, I have 2 of the same machine without the NG marker, and in 4 years (the newest one ) and like 6 o more of the old one, there have not been a mech prob

QUAD 4C mk2 Z axis

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 01 19:12:18 EST 2013 | marcelorotofrance

Hi, I have a QUAD 4C mk2. I taught pickups and places from HHT. If I test them individually (RUN STEP PICK/PLACE etc...) before building the sequence, everything runs ok. After the sequence was built, everything goes wrong. Every PICK or PLACE ends i

Vitronics XPM1 problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 14 13:48:18 EDT 2013 | cyber_wolf

The entire oven is clean there are no blockages and the heater plates are brand new. I have worked with Vitronics technical support and gone through this thing with a fine tooth comb. I have even gone as far as to compare the exhaust and intake cap c

Quad 4C origin unstable

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 19 18:21:17 EDT 2013 | microaide

We recently purchased some used Quad 4C machines. One of them does not seem to keep a stable origin reference point. I teach the nozzle and component pickup coordinates, then suddenly everything seems to be off by .030 to .040 inches in the X axis. I

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