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Siemens 80S15 machine software

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 18 12:16:47 EDT 2020 | sportsradar

Does anyone have the machine software for the 80S15? Thank you Katrina

Gold Thickness

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 12 10:07:08 EDT 2006 | mkehoe@sipad.net

Can someone look this over and see if this helps?? ****************************************************** I read the e-mail threads and I think the respondents are all mixed up on the units of measure. the print reads: Gold Plate (80 mocroinches m

Re: Siemens Reliability

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 07 05:32:41 EST 1999 | Oukai

I have used Siemens placement machine for four years,from MS-102 to Siplace 80S13,Siplace 80S15 and 80F3,by my opinion,i think siemens is reliable,machine runing is stable,maintainance is very simple,our new 80S15&80F3 were buyed in Dec 1997,they onl

Siemens 80s20 throughput !!

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 21 03:43:43 EST 2000 | Zhang JianJun

Hi all I need help on Siemens 80s20. Who understand that what's the average throughput level of 80s20 machine (placement per hour), and how to achieve it. According to vendor spec. it is about 20K placement per hour but we just got about 13k placeme

Acceptable standards

Electronics Forum | Sat May 28 05:18:59 EDT 2005 | finepitch

I agree with Claude's comment here. As the good old 80/20 rule suggests, 80% of your lost $$ may be coming from 20% of the parts on your list. So, I would spend 80% of my efforts to sort the list by "loss in $$" and try to reduce the loss of such.

Gold/Tin Reflow

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 27 08:41:40 EDT 2014 | hungikuo

Is it safe to let Au80Sn20 reflow twice? What I am saying is, for example, die attach using Au80Sn20, followed by lid seal using same Au80Sn20 solder, will it create any problem on the die which was first attached using same soldering material? My


Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 13 12:48:14 EST 2000 | Chris McDonald

Anybody have problen soldering a IC with leads that are copper base, plated with 300 u inch min. of 80Sn/20Pb solder? We are having problems soldering a 16 mil QVSOP to a Gold Flash Board. Thanks Chris

the SOD-80

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 25 15:10:30 EST 1999 | Tad Anderson

I am searching for application notes on the SOD-80. Also, I am looking for any problems that have been discovered while using it. Also, we are looking for the pick and place equipment upgrades that will be needed to use the package- Pricing, manu

Wrong Part

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 29 04:23:55 EST 2002 | bayanbaru

What are the control process that can be introduce to avoid placing wrong part. We are using machine like Siemens 80S & 80F, Sanyo TCM 3000 and GSM. I am from the Quality System dept.

Lead-free solder

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 15 20:48:57 EDT 2004 | Ken

Tin antimony mp = 236-240C 80Au / 20SN mp = 280C sn25 Ag10 sb = 365C There are very few high temperature service alloys. how about filling a 1400lb pot with 80% Gold! What is the application?

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