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BGA underfill

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 22 16:06:07 EDT 2011 | davef

Underfilling BGA is an uncommon practice. We'd start looking to find a consultant recommended by our: * Dispenser company * Underfill supplier

BGA underfill

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 20 08:53:13 EDT 2011 | jocelynlauzon

My company is looking for an IPC expert consultant in BGA underfilling to support an important contract that is being prepared. We are looking for someone with hands-on experience with large (~2"x2", with as much as 1800 pin, 1mm pitch, 0.5mm ball di

BGA underfill

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 22 14:54:01 EDT 2011 | hegemon

You might find a lot of experience in the forum here, but maybe not so many consultants for this niche. BGA underfill is not rocket science, and in my opinion, the key items are the material chracteristics, and the dispensing method and pattern. Fo

FP4531 underfill rework

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 26 08:57:23 EDT 2011 | indyc

I am trying to rework FP4531 underfill. Some of the underfill flowed to adjacent capacitor and resistor. Even though the datasheet says that it is non-reworkable, has anyone tried reworking / removing excess underfill? Any information would be help

CSP and underfill

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 23 16:02:37 EDT 2002 | davef

Low Cost Flip Chip Technologies for DCA, WLCSP, and PBGA Assemblies; John Lau; McGraw-Hill Professional; ISBN: 0071351418; 2000 * Chapter 6. Flip Chip on Board with Conventional Underfills. * Chapter 7. Flip Chip on Board with No-Flow Underfills. * C

CSP and underfill

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 23 12:35:09 EDT 2002 | msjohnston

Has anyone done a study or know of one that addresses the flow / no-flow underfill differences for CSP devices. My main interest is in the reliability of the CSP and underfill. Any help would be great. Thanks, Mike

Questions on underfill process

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 08 07:52:13 EDT 2007 | zanolli

We are looking at a specialized method of direct soldering ceramic circuit modules (maybe 40mm square) to a mother board with solder joints on only 2 of the 4 sides. These modules would be oriented horizontally, or mezzanine like, to the mother board

CSP and underfill

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 23 18:51:00 EDT 2002 | edahi

weve done a few evaluations for the no-flow underfill and for the reliability I think it has already passed MRT L3 @ 220C reflow. What is it specifically you're interested about the flow u/fill??

Questions on underfill process

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 11 10:40:46 EDT 2007 | ramseyn

Jim, Another good resource would be Asymtek (www.asymtek.com) I have had a lot of luck with their dispense equipment for underfilling applications. They have run tests in the past using various methods for our company to determine what type of epoxy

Questions on underfill process

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 11 10:44:36 EDT 2007 | mumtaz

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