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2275 Gen Rad Test

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 31 20:17:19 EST 2001 | davef

Programmers are: Intrinsic Quality (HP≥nRad) 708.259.5060fax5399 Solution Sources Programming (HP≥nRad) 408-487-0270 Fax 0288 Modem 0287 http://www.ssprog.com They will be happy to suggest fixture fabricators

Cleanliness test

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 02 11:35:30 EST 2003 | Richard

Cleanliness test � �Area Grid Arrays�. Evaluation of residues� resistivity in a specific location on the board. (As compared to �Solvent Extract� evaluation.) We are: SMT assembly, using standard �water soluble� process with micro BGAs (example: C


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