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Electronics Forum | Thu May 29 14:35:37 EDT 2008 | rdmundo

Gents, We've been using a round 1:1 aperture for a 5 mils thickness on our stencil design on 0402 and recently, IPC guidelines recommend oblong, homeplate or reverse homeplate. I believed the PCB pad for 0402's area within the recommended size/dimen

0402 via in pad

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 27 19:55:13 EST 2002 | nifhail

Hi, I need help to understand further on the via in pad for 0402 requirement. If I were to do the DFM over the brd design which consist of 0402 with via on pad, what is the criteria that I should look for ? I learned that the via in pad does not wor

smt common pad 0402 and 1206 package

Electronics Forum | Fri May 06 08:47:05 EDT 2016 | davef

You're correct. This design will have a record amount of 0402 rework for tombstoning and misalignments. Suggest that the pads on each end of all components be the same size in order to balance wetting forces during reflow.

0402 package size

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 02 19:43:40 EDT 2000 | Ravi Bhat

One of my customers has asked about concerns, comments, ideas about putting 0402 packages on bottom side of the board. The process will be no clean with reflow/reflow. If anybody out there has some experience or concerns please comment. Regards

Re: 0402 package size

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 06 17:20:05 EDT 2000 | Travis Slaughter

There is no difference in 0402�s on the bottom side than 0603 0805 1206. They will not fall off or tombstone, unless they where before you put them in the oven.

Re: 0402 package size

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 06 20:02:55 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Ravi: I agree with travis. What's the issue?

BGA pad size

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 14 08:37:18 EDT 2005 | jdumont

Morning all, just took a look at a new board we just got in and the there are different pad areas under the same BGA. What happened is engineering uses wider trace sizes for some pads and those overlap when more than one go to the same pad. This caus

BGA pad size

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 14 14:18:56 EDT 2005 | davef

Send the vacation pix, pls

BGA pad size

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 14 15:18:13 EDT 2005 | jdumont

How do I send pics....sorry for the ignorance.

BGA pad size

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 14 20:03:06 EDT 2005 | davef

click on the email link, next to the Lou Reed icon, then paste the pix in the form

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