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Help for CSP Prototyping

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 21 07:10:34 EDT 1999 | K. Vikas Sharma

Want to know the Tools/ Process required to get started with CSP prototyping and R & D. Anyone working on this , please help out.

Contact Systems Vision Codes

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 07 08:43:51 EST 2008 | markgray

I am having issues with the SOT23 vision code. All of the numbers match what is in the book but when the camera looks at the part it centers on the bottom edge of the lead not the center of the lead. I beleive that there is a problem with the algorit

Contact Systems Vision Codes

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 10 11:59:41 EST 2008 | sliebl

Mark, The 10011 and all other process types are hard coded by Contact Systems and can not be changed by the user. The user can, however, change the Vision Center Type information as well as the Vision Size Code. Our Center Type for SOT23 is: Process


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