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Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 01 08:11:42 EST 2006 | davef

The best starting point for a thermal recipes are those provided by your reflow paste and wave flux suppliers.

BGA Rework

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 09 12:55:04 EDT 1999 | Bryan Warner

Does anyone have thoughts on BGA rework. We now use the OK BGA 3000 and now am considering an Infrared machine. Any thoughts?


Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 01 06:41:54 EST 2006 | CHITRA K

We get both leaded components and lead free ( MIX OF COMPONENTS) components . In order to achieve good soldering results, please provide generic profile for reflow and wave soldering .


Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 01 07:41:25 EST 2006 | realchunks

For reflow, bump up your profile as hot as you can go as allowed by your paste manufacturer will allow. If you can change solder paste without too much red tape, several solder paste manufacturers make a transitional paste designed for mix of lead a


Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 06 16:34:43 EST 2006 | mscalzo3

The final reflow profile really depends on which of the components are Pb-Free (such as BGA's) and the lowest temperature limit of the components. I'd be glad to share with you some ideas for solving your particular issue. Please contact me offline


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