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Re: GSM problem/question

Electronics Forum | Mon May 01 10:55:40 EDT 2000 | Tom L.

Universal GSM Technical Support (24/7) 1.607.779.6935

GSM problem/question

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 28 14:01:03 EST 2000 | greg

I have the following problem with a GSM. When powered up I get the error "Error Initializing Hard Disk Controller 0" do you think this is the controller if so what is the part number for a controller.. any input would be great thank you

How to take care of crystal

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 27 07:57:38 EDT 2007 | davef

Most suppliers provide guidance on proper assembly technique, like: http://global.kyocera.com/prdct/electro/pdf/add_pdf/111_119_e.pdf We have no relationship, nor receive benefit from the company referenced above.

Recommended Supplier for Bed of Nails Jigs

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 10 09:48:24 EDT 2007 | davef

Here's some good information on test probes: http://archive.chipcenter.com/circuitcellar/november99/c119r18.htm

Head Driver for HSP4797

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 05 14:44:41 EDT 2019 | jbaez1

Looking for Pack Driver or driver unit 630 119 8361 from HSP4797 (Universal, Sanyo or Hitachi): Tag information: Pack Driver Model: D2890B S ver. 0.16 W ver. 0.00 Made in Japan

high speed PCB frequency range

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 11 07:58:17 EDT 2016 | davef

IPC-2252 - Design Guide for RF/Microwave Circuit Boards IPC-2251 - Design Guide for the Packaging of High Speed Electronic Circuits IPC-2141A - Design Guide for High-Speed Controlled Impedance Circuit Boards IPC design standards https://portal.ip

Samsung CP45 SSA Import

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 17 06:00:13 EDT 2015 | sarason

Dear Superlen, I noticed this post maybe a little late, but I seem to recall an email conversation with a user that mentioned a bug in my SSA format in PCBSynergy. So I checked back through my source and here is an example of the first part of the

Gel Flex Tooling

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 03 18:11:07 EDT 2004 | Rob

The price was actually $6,372 and it included the following: AP/UP2000 1011859 KIT,GEL-FLEX,AP/UP2000,SYSTEM The kit includes: quantity 12 1011557 BAR,GEL,ASSY quantity 4 1010934 SUPPORT,EDGE,3.31 quantity 4 1010935 SUPPORT,EDGE,4.

speedline sale

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 07 15:05:16 EST 2003 | stefwitt

It was not stolen, it was disposed Cookson profits from cost-cutting Electronics and ceramics group Cookson has taken heart from half-year results as all three of its divisions kept out of the red in the second quarter. The group says a recent co

Power problem on radio circuit

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 13 10:59:35 EDT 2002 | Simon Davis

Hi Folks, This is a totally speculative, if not cheeky post. I know very little about electronics, but I think you guys do. I have a problem with my car radio, that I'd really like to solve, as I cannot buy a new one where I live (Brazil), and I th


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