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Cpk For 0201 Placement

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 28 15:30:28 EST 2005 | davef

We were talking to a placement machine sales-type the other day. He stated that the Cpk for placing 0201 was 1.33 [Cpk = 1.33, Sigma = 4, DPMO = 6210]. What do you think?

An Experiment of Using SDRAM PC 100 -128 MB in PC133-128MB Slot

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 28 04:40:14 EDT 2005 | thaqalain

Motherboard:Intel: D845GLLY requiring PC133,128MB I done all 3 possible cases: I-Inserted AZEN RAM PC100,128 MB in Slot#1 with Kingston PC133,128MB in Slot#0,it read 126 MB. II-Inserted PC100 only in Slot#0,it read only 64 MB and Ssystem was exces

Re: Looking for feedback from our site users on the Career Center

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 25 11:32:50 EST 2000 | Michael Parker

Hello Brandy- I would like to suggest that Job location be included in the brief description of each job posting. Thank you, Michael

Re: pre-heat settings for wave solder - Hi Dave F !

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 21 23:47:28 EDT 2000 | gary

my topside preheat is 97 deg. C and my peak temp. is 230 deg. C with a duration of 4 secs. What would be my Delta ? I suppose 230 minus 97 is equal to 133 deg C...is that right? regards

Fuji NP-133 and Universal Flex Jet

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 14 22:23:09 EDT 1999 | wil allen

We are currently looking into purchasing either a Fuji NP or Universal Flex jet machine. Does anybody have any feedback from running these machines in a production environment? I now that a limited number of each machine has been released so far.

50 PPM

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 21 01:40:42 EDT 2002 | jkhiew

Hi all, Our management set target 50 ppm for overall process like printing,mounting & reflow soldering. Our m/c cpk for mounter is 1.0 & for printing is 1.33. So, pls comment !

Surface mount Machines

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 17 11:29:19 EST 2005 | Brad

We cuurently are using parts from 1808-0603. Ic's up to QFP133. Hopes of going smaller as time goes on. Definetly would like 0201 capabilities. Thanks, Brad

Cpk For 0201 Placement

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 28 16:08:18 EST 2005 | russ

Maybe this number is only for the ones that actually got placed!? Like, we had a 15% pick error rate but the ones that did make it were great! So the 1.33 CPK was in regards to what parameter/specifications? accuracy, pick error, or what?

System is too slow, Will memory/speed increase do job?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 24 13:34:41 EDT 2005 | thaqalain

I have Intel� Pentium �4: BIOS VER: LY84510A.86A.0029.P11 Processor:X86Family15 Model 1 Stepping Processor Speed: 1.8 GHz System Bus Speed: 400 MHz System Memory Speed: 133MHz Cache RAM: 256KB Total Memory: 127MB (76%Load) DIMM Memory Connect

An Experiment of Using SDRAM PC 100 -128 MB in PC133-128MB Slot

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 28 06:17:16 EDT 2005 | bobpan

I have had an old hard drive causing the same type of problem and until i installed a new hard drive the speed was sssssslllllllooooooowwwwwwww.

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