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SMT Equipment

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 27 10:40:36 EDT 2004 | cmiller

I have some that are the type 1 and 2. I can send pictures. cmiller@adltech.com

asymmetrical element in Yamaha VIOS

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 29 20:49:12 EDT 2020 | compit

1) Thank you, I have instructions. 2) I don't have a phone number, I don't know English very well. I stopped looking - the element is too heavy and rotates on the nozzle during transfer.

Wave Soldering - Icicling/Bridges

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 31 14:35:48 EST 2003 | russ

I would go for the laminar flow as opposed to N2. The contour nozzle doesn't really work all that well even with N2. I knew I should of asked you if you had a contour, I was thinking laminar flow hence the dynamics input. Russ

Re: 16 mil pitch QFP solder bridge

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 07 11:14:39 EDT 2000 | Aaron

1. It is hard to tell, but your PCB vendor should test the PCB. 2. I think the important thing is the width of the apertures. You should have it laser-cut, and control the width no more than 90% of half pitch. Good luck.


Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 16 12:32:59 EDT 1998 | Earl Moon

Howdy 2, I am using my first DEK GSX PRINTER. Looks and acts good so far. Who know what - good, bad, or in between? Just want to get the facts from those who know. Earl Moon

LSM Cable

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 06 23:59:57 EST 2003 | Dean

If this is an LSM1 or LSM 2 I have both of these. I can check the cables if you like and email you a wire diagram. I would bet dollars-to-donuts that it is a standard 25 pin parallel cable. Let me know if your interested.

Pb free BGA and Sn Pb solder paste

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 01 19:25:19 EDT 2004 | Ken

...oops part 2: I will assume a sac 350 ball??? 217-218C this will completely reflow the ball and form a "normalized" joint with a collapsed structure.

HIC turn Pink for PCB-URGENT

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 06 05:33:46 EDT 2004 | ANDREW

1)What is the MSD level for PCB? 2)I have some PCB's with HIC (humidity indicator card ) has turn to pink at 50%. Should I bake the PCB prior to assembly process.This fab is a complex board with various kind advance package assembled on the board.

Fuji FIP3 Vibratory Feeders - Top plate & stoppers

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 21 11:38:54 EDT 2007 | aj

Hi All, Can anyone advise supplier for the above mentioned parts ? Type 1 & Type 2 i.e. for SO8 & SO16 type components. Or even better a drawing of each. aj...

Universal GSM

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 15 14:38:24 EDT 2014 | rgduval

Anyone out there have a copy of a users manual for a GSM 2? I've got a machine to get running, and, while I have the software manual, something on the hardware would be useful to have. Thanks, ..rob

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