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error E 620001 juki 2060

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 22 12:01:27 EST 2021 | cuervo

hello i have a juki 2060 an a error E620001 EMERGENCI STOP appears on screen an there is no switch pressed can someone help me , my pick and place is dead

JUKI KE2060R and KE2060L

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 18 13:59:05 EDT 2009 | cyber_wolf

Can anyone tell me the difference between these two machines ?

JUKI KE2060R and KE2060L

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 21 12:51:12 EDT 2009 | cyber_wolf

Thank you.

Need help on selecting the SMT equipment for small volume

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 23 15:27:38 EDT 2005 | Frank

I know this post is getting a bit old, but the Juki KE-2060 can do 0201 up to 74mm square (or up to 150mm long connectors) on their standard machine. You only need to purchase the 0201 nozzle and feeder. The machine is factory set to run 0201. And

JUKI 2050/2060 comments? anyone?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 25 13:06:11 EST 2007 | james

I am looking for any comments as far as the JUKI 2050 or 2060 placement reliability? Does anyone have experience with these machines and could give me their input? Thanks

Juki vs Mydata... again...

Electronics Forum | Tue May 02 23:34:26 EDT 2006 | Frank

The 2060RE model that I have can do an 18"x20" board. I think the Mydata can do larger. Juki did tell me that next year they will release a machine that will do larger boards but didn't specify on how big. The 2060RE can do 0201 up to 74mm square

JUKI 2050/2060 comments? anyone?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 26 06:59:38 EST 2007 | james

Have you had any placement problems due to pickups being off?

JUKI KE2060L - implementing new 44mm feeder

Electronics Forum | Sat May 24 04:45:20 EDT 2014 | mpolak

Check if that component is not skipped in component data.

Help needed to troubleshoot a KE2060 machine (location Ireland)

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 24 07:19:21 EDT 2020 | aurash

Much appreciated, really helpful Thanks, Aurash

Anyone knows the default service password for KE2050/KE2060

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 04 16:25:33 EST 2020 | goldendragon

You should try ke2000 under manager user

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