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DEK Printers

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 27 07:59:47 EST 2004 | cyber_wolf

Is it true that a DEK printer will not accept a standard 20X20 stencil. I have heard that the image on the stencil is offset as well.(you need special stencils just for DEK printers?) Do they make an adapter to accommodate standard 20X20's with cent

DEK Printers

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 27 12:06:03 EST 2004 | jseagle

A 20 x 20 frame with the image centered will drop in IF you have a printer with adjustable rails for the stencil, the rails move in and out to accomodate 29 x 29 to smaller than 20 x 20. Otherwise, you will need the adapter. James

MPM Accuflex Calibration

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 24 02:41:58 EST 2020 | borisanic

Thanks Phil. Is there any marks on calibration PCB or it is plain copper laminated PCB with dimensions 20"x20"?

Large Board Assembly

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 10 00:12:42 EDT 2001 | laujh

May I join in this forum also? Does Universal has any new/special platform avaiable in the market to handle board size up to 20" x 32" and thickness 0.300". The current HSP 4796A and GSM1/2 can only handle board size up to 14" x 18" and 18" x 20" r

MPM Ultra Print 1500

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 18 09:11:48 EST 2002 | jax

Max board size is 20x22.

Placement Equipment and Long Boards

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 05 13:01:08 EDT 2007 | mfoster

Hi, The Samsung SM321 XLB can handle 20" x 24"...


Electronics Forum | Thu May 29 17:19:51 EDT 2008 | dyoungquist

On 0402s we use 20x25 mil pads with a 15 mil gap between the pads on the pcb with ENIG finish, 5 mil stencil with a 1:1 aperture (20x25 mil) and SAC305 lead free solder paste. We very rarely see any tombstoning on 0402s using this setup.


Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 05 09:09:40 EDT 2012 | stentech

you can contact me at rob@stentech.com I will have someone contact you and send you a quote. We have racks for 20 x 20 , 29 x 29, foils , Vectorguard etc. regards Rob

Ultrasonic stencil cleaner

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 13 17:08:59 EDT 1998 | Jack LaRue

Could someone point me in the direction of or have any info on a basic no frills Ultrasonic cleaner capable of cleaning 20"x20" stencils? Thanks, Jack LaRue jlarue@mail.nortechsys.com

SMT Quick Frame Adapter

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 23 10:47:30 EDT 2003 | markhoch

Does anybody know where I can find an SMT 20 x 20 Quick Frame Stencil Adapter???? I've been hunting, and haven't had much luck. Let me know! Thanks!

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