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Re: Suitable temperature for solderjoint ?

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 15 21:32:31 EST 1999 | Dave F

Wolfgang: Sounds like gluteus maximus protection time. 1 "Maximum suitable temperature for the solder joint should be half the liquidous temperature" is a good rule of thumb. Where it came from, I don�t know. One place I�ve seen it repeated is: H

Re: moisture in pcb's how is it measured

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 20 10:49:04 EDT 1999 | Brian

Hi! Stu's method is a half-truth. What it measures is the aggregate of all volatile material with a significant vapour pressure at the baking temperature, not just H2O. Short of very complex methods, it could be complemented by a comparitive measur

Ceramic + Hi-temp solder

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 21 12:03:59 EDT 1999 | Michael N.

I'm having problems with trying to get a good solder joint using a Ceramic PCB. We are using AMTECH hi-temp solder (ws-486 96.5/3.5ag). My profile looks great and I used the recommended profile from Amtech with a few adjustments. My max temp is about

Re: Lead Free Solder used in BGA

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 14 11:06:33 EST 1999 | Earl Moon

Some of my friends ask me if sombody use lead free solder ball on BGA, espically PBGA packages. I wonder if 96.5Sn/3.5Ag (m.p .221 oC) or 58Bi/42Sn (m.p. 138 oC) would be suitable candidates? Do you have any experience on this subject? K

Re: 5 micrograms

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 17 02:45:18 EDT 1998 | Bob Willis

5 micrograms per sq. cm. is actually not too clean. The maximum military allowed post-clean, on-board contamination is 5.7 micrograms of NaCl /cm squared (when using the Zero-Ion brand ionic contamination tester). We are use to seeing cleanlines

DI Filration And Bacteria

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 24 13:33:25 EDT 1998 | Scott Davies

I inherited a DI system that's um...not in good shape. I would be forever indebted to anyone who could help me with several problems related to this. Flow rate 3.5-5GPM Incoming pressure:50PSI Application: deionized water provided to Electrovert H-4

Baking time for PCBA rework

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 24 21:35:34 EDT 2002 | davef

Ooooo, much better. Tough to say, because of all the variables [ie, different materials, moisture level, temperature, etc]. Plastic encapsulated devices, especially IC, absorb water from the air, which is violently released during soldering. Typica

Component Lead Finish - Article in Japanese Can some body help ?

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 20 18:41:57 EST 2002 | slthomas

Here's part of what I could read: "We evaluated the influence of Lift-off (Fillet-lifting) and the influence of thermal fatigue, in this case on combination between various terminal platings of electronic components and Pb-free solder, Sn-37Pb solde

bulk feeding chips

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 03 16:56:41 EST 2003 | jonfox

We are currently NOT using bulk, even though we looked into as a means of reducing machine time and component cost. Unfortunately, since bulk cassettes did NOT take the industry by storm as it was predicted years ago, we were stuck with long lead ti

Tantalum caps causing misaligned parts

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 21 09:08:53 EST 2003 | mantis

Hi all, I have a strange problem,while building a large 15x15inch 3.5mm thick Pcb.During topside reflow i am experiencing some misaligned parts and even bridging on a bga that are sitting very close to a D size tantalum cap.The strange thing is that

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