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Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 26 20:57:35 EDT 2012 | bigvern

Hi all, we have a client with a Quicky 300 Vapour phase reflow, the PLC has lost its program due to being upowered for quite some time, we require a copy of the PLC program to get it up and running again, if anyone has a copy could you please send th

Electrovert Minipak 300

Electronics Forum | Fri May 02 11:09:13 EDT 2014 | pawloa

Hello. We have a Minipak 300 wave solder machine from Electrovert and are looking in particular for a tachometer that attaches on the finger conveyor motor to measure the speed in pulses. We are also looking for the thermocouple that is used to moni

300 degrees C enough for LF?

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 17 01:14:35 EST 2007 | rfematt

If an oven is marked with a maximum temperature of 300 degrees C, can it be used for LF? Thanks for your help.

300 degrees C enough for LF?

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 17 12:26:17 EST 2007 | slthomas

In addition to what robqd3 said, just because you can set your oven to 300� C doesn't mean that (a) it's providing 300� C air, or (b) that your oven will survive the temperatures required to reflow your boards properly. Confirming (a) does mean pro

300 degrees C enough for LF?

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 17 09:00:16 EST 2007 | rgduval

The oven's maximum rating isn't really a good indicator as to whether or not it's good for LF. The real question is can the oven get your board up to the liquidous temperature of the lead free solder that you're using. So, an oven that has a max te

Electrovert Mini Pack 300 - Manuals

Electronics Forum | Thu May 14 16:24:42 EDT 2009 | jen1724

I purchased a used machine that came with no manuals. Does anyone know how I can get them? The manufacturer said it's a discontinued model and there is no paperwork on it. Thanks

Electrovert Mini Pack 300 - Manuals

Electronics Forum | Fri May 22 16:12:25 EDT 2009 | pjc

Try this guy, he might have one: Ed Fortuna, IRT, +1-603-759-2953

300 degrees C enough for LF?

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 17 19:11:21 EST 2007 | bbarton

Have to agree with Steve. PROFILE PROFILE PROFILE It's the ONLY way with lead free. Think about it for a second...a process window about 1/3 the range of SnPb (assuming a 250 degree C max component temp) and you wind up with a fairly small target to

what do you think about electrovert minipak 300

Electronics Forum | Fri May 16 23:37:00 EDT 2008 | deni

Anyone can tell me what kind of machine is Electrovert 300 Minipak? What is the max. width of the board that this machine accepts? Also any other feature (positive or negative). Thanks in advance afrim

Underfill 300balls BGA connector

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 04 03:27:52 EDT 2008 | akareti

All, Does anyone have experience with underfill 300balls BGA connector? We have a component with 300balls BGA connector that connectorize with Flex. Customer wants to have an underfill Questions - Possibility for underfill 300balls BGA connector -

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