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BGA Pad Cratering

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 06 15:11:17 EDT 2009 | ysutariya

Was this a lead-free capable material that fits into IPC 4101/126 or /129, like an Isola 370HR? I would not be surprised because from the picture I think I can see resin underneath the lifted copper, which is an interlaminate separate. This is a

FR4 boards Delamination Cause?

Electronics Forum | Thu May 08 12:11:30 EDT 2008 | boardhouse

Hi Wayne, I am just curious what material is being called out. Are you just specing FR4 or are you calling out a particular IPC 4101 / Some recommended laminates designed for Lead free assembly are: Isola 370HR Nelco 4000-11 or 4000-29 Iteq IT15

Alternative PCB Material

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 06 15:14:35 EDT 2009 | ysutariya

If the concern is the increased moisture absorption associated with lead-free capable materials, you probably have the most experience with phenolic materials like Isola IS410 or 370HR. The best move would be to switch to an IPC 4101/99 or /124 mate

ISOLA 410 laminate

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 01 01:08:43 EDT 2011 | boardhouse

Hi Aj, for the most part we have gotten away from calling out specific material and instead calling out IPC4101 back slashes to needed requirements. But if you are just looking for what most domestic shops have switch to you would be looking at 370

Why delamination happens on PCBs?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 22 02:30:33 EDT 2011 | boardhouse

if its a RoHs Assembly they should be using an FR4 material designed with higher TD to handle higher Assembly temps. 370HR,IT158, IT180, 4000-29 just to name a few that would be suitable. Standard FR4 material is not designed to handle the higher as

Delamination on IS410 laminate

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 31 15:33:30 EDT 2007 | gregs110

I have seen a few threads about delamination issues on IS410 laminate in RoHS applications. I have recently been running into a rash of issues on 4 different part numbers with a single PWB source. All the parts have been built fine in the past with

Minimum Tg for LeadFree board.

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 23 11:30:51 EDT 2009 | ysutariya

I think you're getting steered in the wrong direction, with the exception of DaveF's link. By the way, I'm a PCB fabricator, just to avoid any backlash. IPC 4101 is the IPC guideline for raw materials. It has 6 slash sheets for lead-free capable


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