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A different kind of question

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 29 21:58:30 EDT 2004 | Bran

Sorry - forgot to mention that the stock symbol is SMTX and is traded in the U.S. and Canada (under SMX).

A different kind of question

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 29 21:55:58 EDT 2004 | Bran

Sirs, I have a different kind of question that I think this board is used to. I'm writing from an investor's perspective as I'm thinking about making an investment in SMTC, a public EMS company with about $300 million in annual revenue. What seems

CSAM Machines

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 01 07:45:56 EST 2006 | davef

Consider: * Equipment Inspection acoustic microscope [Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (SAM)] MicroPhotonics 4949 Liberty Lane, Suite 160, PO Box 3129 Allentown PA 18106 610.366.7103 fax 7105 http://www.microphotonics.com * Equipment Inspection acoustic


Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 28 10:31:18 EDT 2001 | caldon

Borg Collective?????......7 of 9 is almost worth half my S&*% (Stuff) and becoming a drone. Guaranteed, I ain't dreaming of any Pick and place machines.If it were to happen the machine would be smattered with Hottie female operators willing to load


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