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DEK 03! CAN Node Rising Table Error

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 22 16:59:39 EST 2022 | goseese

My problem was the BGE9010C. Any time there was any pressure on the rising table the error would occur. I was not able to find a replacement BGE9010C so I opened it up and found some blown components. Replaced them and the problem was solved. I "

90/10 & Lead Free Solder Balls

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 24 07:50:04 EDT 2007 | davef

It's possible that 90/10 is being replaced by LF in many ball suppliers' [Alpha Metals, Kester, AIM] inventories.

Reflow with Sn/Pb=90/10 with Golden Palting PCB

Electronics Forum | Sat May 28 04:56:23 EDT 2005 | WDLau

Dear, I am looking for the supports, specification, etc of the solderiability of Hot bar Reflow process with: A). FPC plating with sb/pb= 90/10, to be mounted to B) B). Golden plating PCB Please kindly input, As far as I know the melting point of

90/10 & Lead Free Solder Balls

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 23 15:33:53 EDT 2007 | ppcbs

Does anyone know where to purchase 90/10 & Lead Free solder balls and kits for BGA Reballing? I'm having service problems with my current vendor who decided that they no longer wish to sell 90/10 balls, can't take in an order without a quote, and ca

QFP Coplanarity & Alloy 42

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 30 20:05:34 EDT 2003 | afm

Does alloy 42 lead frame on a QFP100 make lack of coplanarity (let's say 2 mils), a critical factor to have non-wetted leads? Lead coating is tin lead 90/10. afm


Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 05 17:10:04 EST 2006 | russ

The CCGA packages that we install are still a tin/lead alloy and not a SAC alloy. They were 90/10 SN/PB. I beleive that this may be one reason why the difference.

Non wetting on fine pitch product

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 07 10:39:34 EDT 2006 | vicknesh28

Can u elaborate on the bad plating? Have u had any experience on this before? The component has 90/10 Tin lead plating

Pb Free BGA Backward Compatibility

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 31 00:42:09 EDT 2013 | dhanish

Why we cannot run Pb Free BGA with Sn/Pb process but we can run high temp BGA(90/10) with Sn/Pb? Both require high temperature to form the IMC.Why there is a difference in the reliability?

Solder Paste and Stencil questions

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 12 11:47:51 EDT 1999 | Jose RG

Hi, We are in the process of evaluate our solder paste,incoming inspection over the solder paste, stencil requirments: 1- Is anybody using/requiring 1000 Kcps or more on viscosity to your solder paste provider ? Why ?? 2- Is anybody using step stenc

Shelf life of electro-plated tin-lead on stainless steel

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 07 15:57:56 EST 2003 | Marc Simmel

Are there specifications or recommendations for electro-deposited tin-lead plating thickness on austenitic stainless steel that would provide a shelf life of 1 year? 6 months? Would 2 to 3 microns (78 to 118 micro-inches) 90/10 tin-lead over 1.27 mi

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