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Re: APerture size for microBGA

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 30 10:42:24 EDT 2000 | Chrys Shea

That pad had a 16 mil dia, so I arrived at 20 mil squares by adding 2 mils to each side of the pad. Following that logic, a 12 mil pad would use a 16 mil square. But a 12 mil pad is on a finer pitch that isn't mentioned, so you should definitely


Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 13 12:48:14 EST 2000 | Chris McDonald

Anybody have problen soldering a IC with leads that are copper base, plated with 300 u inch min. of 80Sn/20Pb solder? We are having problems soldering a 16 mil QVSOP to a Gold Flash Board. Thanks Chris

24mm CP43 Feeders

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 20 09:03:32 EDT 2002 | Brad Fruend

This might be totally wrong but if your using a 16 pitch reel in a 8 pitch feeder you are going to have to feed the feeder twice before it will be advanced far enough. This should be in your F4G or MCS30.

BCC Technology --- Placement, Rework, Reflow

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 25 08:45:24 EST 2002 | davef

Not dumb at all. It's a 16 pin, 0.65mm plastic SMT package with pads along the package edges proprietary to Fujitsu. Look here: http://www.fme.fujitsu.com/products/pll/pdf/bccover.pdf

stepped stencils

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 23 23:24:14 EST 2006 | KEN

Depends what is adjacent to the step. 1206 chips could reside closer than say a 16 mil fine pitch. Larger apertures are more forgiving to height variations than small apertures.

Fuji Flexa PC Requirements

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 10 19:09:56 EDT 2019 | sarason

Windows 2000 will run a 16 bit app it is almost the same to use as XP, otherwise 98 or 95 in a VM. sarason

BGA Programming

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 24 01:04:24 EDT 2004 | M.L. Feather

On the Universal GSM when programming BGA's, one of the first lines on the screen gives you letter choices A thru F what are these used for? I have always used A and now when I went to program a 16 array pattern, the letter A would not work so I went

Manual Stencil Alignment

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 27 15:21:28 EDT 2001 | H.Richter

Hello; Can anyone give me advise on the best way to manually align a 20"x20" stencil on a semi-automatic printer? We have a board with a 16 mil pitch QFP and have difficulty aligning the stencil. We have tried various alignment schemes on the pcb an

Bottom side smt and thru hole

Electronics Forum | Tue May 26 22:13:15 EDT 1998 | Pat Copeland

R&D is currently designing a board with smt components on both sides of the board. They are adding a 16 pin IC Gull wing. on the bottom side of the board. I have asked for only caps and resistors to be placed on the bottom side. Is there a recommende

Reel Tracking System

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 07 11:35:08 EDT 2002 | John

We use home-grown java based software to turn our remstar shuttles. Manages 8000 different part numbers on 3000 feeders. We are able to generate recipes which turns our shuttles and operators pull our feeders. Just did 5600 change outs in a 16 hour d

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