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PCB market in Australia

May 16, 2006 |

De reeling ICs

May 12, 2006 |

Lead Free Dross

May 10, 2006 |

Beyond Convention Routing?

May 4, 2006 | For everything you wanted to know about waterjeting, look here: http://www.waterjets.org Goto pag

as a oem how to exporse it's product?

May 1, 2006 | Slamming someone about spellcheck whilst starting a sentence with a small case "i"? You need to fil

Mydata Users

Apr 26, 2006 | I sure haven't JEM. Was just trying to help determine how to justify. Funny things about those cla

Selective dip soldering & flux monitoring system

Apr 26, 2006 | Hi you need to dip long enough for the temperature of the part being soldered to reach about 20 deg

Screen printing warped boards

Apr 21, 2006 | Chunks, I know about the board stopper in the camera. I forgot to mention that our 1 AP25 is a HI-E

Screen printing warped boards

Apr 20, 2006 | Sr.Tech, Don't know about AP25's, we have a DEK. We have problems with some large board sagging i


Apr 18, 2006 | I do not know what kind of products you assemble but don't forget about the cycle time. You probably

Apr 14, 2006 | Hi, I am in the process of developing a "hybrid" reflow profile to solder a board that has LF BGAs

MPM UP2000 Installation

Apr 12, 2006 | FYI, Chunk is right about the blade detents if you have the Pro-head. If you don't have that head, y

MPM UP2000 Installation

Mar 30, 2006 |

Omniflo 5 conveyor

Mar 27, 2006 |

Fillet Tearing

Mar 22, 2006 |

Hollis Polyclean II

Mar 20, 2006 |

Flux appearance

Mar 17, 2006 |

type of machine

Mar 9, 2006 |

Grid lok system

Feb 28, 2006 |

Cleaning PCB assemblies

Feb 28, 2006 | some coatings are more forgiving to surface contaminations than others. best way to go about is sele

BTU oven info

Feb 24, 2006 |

PACE TF1500 or 1700 BGA Rework feedback

Feb 23, 2006 | Need some feedback about this PACE BGA Rework station.We are planning to buy it but I would like som

wave solder pallets

Feb 22, 2006 | I have been looking at wave pallets with titanium inserts. I was told about another more recent and

Hollis PT500N Wave Solder Machine

Feb 22, 2006 | I noticed some of you know info about the machine mentioned in the subject, the one on sale in the f

Aluminum tape

Feb 16, 2006 |

SPC for Wave solder (defects on PCB's)

Feb 16, 2006 | Samir, You are a nut! I wouldn't cut your hands off! I asked because I was wondering about the sta

Internal Oven Calibration

Feb 13, 2006 |

Internal Oven Calibration

Feb 13, 2006 |

Lead-Free Wave Defects

Feb 8, 2006 | thank you for the reply.....this reinforces the same info about SAC305 that i had reviewed in other

Fuji NXT

Feb 2, 2006 | I would like to start a new post regarding fuji NXT machine. What do you think about the machine as

Tented vias on ENIG boards

Feb 1, 2006 | I wonder if they are concerned about getting chemicals trapped in the tented vias. If the tented vi

Stencil and board Ultrasonic cleaner

Feb 1, 2006 | Hi Darnell! How's it hangin bra. Good point about the cartridges. I think "the man" invented t

Inline PCB Cleaners

Jan 27, 2006 |

CP6 Nozzle sticking

Jan 26, 2006 | i didn't see anything about setting shaft height there, only a procedure for measuring nozzle length

BGA reballing kit

Jan 24, 2006 | Hi all. I'm about to invest in a BGA reballing kit, and was wondering if I could get some endorsment

gold wire bonding

Jan 20, 2006 | Hi, i'm david, new to this forum. Came across your posting about using a delvotec bonder to TS bond

SnCu For Wave?

Jan 12, 2006 | I am not too concerned about the cost of silver, SAC305 generated so much dross in our selective sol


Jan 11, 2006 |

Black Pad

Jan 11, 2006 | This was the test method mentioned to me about 5 years ago, to use for testing for black pad, when w

Conformal Coating Machine under 40000

Precision Auger Dispense Pump