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Edge Clearance

Electronics Forum | Wed May 03 11:55:59 EDT 2006 | Chunks

IPC or DFM? Most DFMs are controlled by the equipment restrictions which will define this parameter. "Dross is just abused solder"

Career Center abuse

Electronics Forum | Mon May 10 14:06:24 EDT 2010 | jdengler

You have a resume posted 5/6/10 that's actually an advertisment. Jerry

Rep Responses in Forum, Possible Guidelines

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 15 15:13:18 EDT 2002 | dougt

How about a dunking booth where we can put some of the reps that abuse this forum. I'll pay a buck for 3 tennis balls. This and a deep fried twinkee booth would put attendance levels through the roof.

screen blade length

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 08 15:04:36 EDT 2009 | dekhead

Important mainly for consistency of pressure across the entire board length... But also quite abusive of stencils to use longer blades. Especially since (most people) when using the longer blades will bump the pressure up even higher to minimise th

Desktop AOI machine

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 02 17:06:12 EDT 2019 | spoiltforchoice

> The Visualplace solution requires you to step > through each location every time or just the > first? It's really a tool to aid manual assembly, I'm just suggesting you could abuse it to help an operator step through the locations in a

Walkmen In Assembly Area

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 09 18:57:08 EST 2002 | MikeF

Several places I've worked did not allow radios/players of any kind, with or without headphones. The one place that did had a policy that I thought was pretty good - Operators had to be there at least 6 months before they could wear one (that way th

Hallo, Hallo!!! Is that my cell or is it yours?

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 12 21:14:08 EST 2003 | davef

We allow people in our shop to take calls on their cell phones any time they get a call, thinking that in case of an emergency they should be able to respond to their family's need for help. We ask that people close their calls that do not require i

MYDATA Myspeed software is total junk

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 13 16:00:59 EST 2005 | mgc

Fasst1, Not only are you abusing this forum with completely unveiled sales pitches (your so called soap box), you also have proven that you can't count. You jumped in on this thread yesterday. Your legs are "tired" from two days "getting on and off t

reflo oven settings

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 16 16:19:59 EST 2006 | bman

My how this forum has changed. This is the kind of abuse I expected back when I posted my Hydrogen as a Nitrogen replacement idea: http://www.smtnet.com//forums/index.cfm?fuseaction=view_thread&CFApp=1&Thread_ID=7207&#Message28823 Instead, all I got

Solder paste handing

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 16 15:42:45 EST 2007 | slthomas

Now yer talkin'! FTR, I've seen 7 month old (5 month shelf life in a 45� F fridge) WS based pastes in tubes turn to clay and refuse to print through anything less than about 50 mil pitch. This was stuff stored in the fridge per mfr's spec. I suspe

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