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Selective Solder Advise

Electronics Forum | finalassy |

Wed Dec 20 15:21:23 EST 2006

Selective Solder Advise

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 20 16:37:11 EST 2006 | Jav Thug


PRE-BAKE (Before Assembly)

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 09 08:29:19 EST 1999 | Charmaine Bode

Excuse my ignorance. Please advise whether it is advisable to pre-bake boards before assembly. Thanks Charmaine

Packaging for WIP PCB

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 01 01:37:00 EDT 2003 | bkyip

Can anyone advise whether it is fine to use "stretch film" to shrink wrap ESD-safe box that contains work-in-progress PCB? If no, what is the consequences? Please advise.

Universal 4796HSP D2332 Unit drivers

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 16 10:06:51 EDT 2003 | qp1

Thanks very much for all your advises We certainly are a step forward Please if yoiu have some more advises ,send them to me

Hybrid Profile

Electronics Forum | Sun Nov 12 09:40:47 EST 2006 | Andrew

Can someone help me to advise the best profile for a board with the combination of both Lead Free and Non-Leaded part?If possible,pls advise the best preheat and reflow time and temprature.

how to calculate smt cost/shot , pls advise me

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 21 01:03:44 EDT 2007 | kero

Pls advise me how to calculation of smt cost / shot, key performance point of smt production.


Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 16 01:26:07 EDT 2007 | CH

Dear Sir, Thanks for your reply. From your mail, we could understnd that you are happy with Hot air rework system. Can you please advise the make and model- you are using for BGA repair . Also please advise the PACE MODEL YOU ARE REFERRING TO so t

Sir's can anyone help me..need advise

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 30 00:01:08 EDT 2011 | denmark

Sir's We encountering problem regarding HEATSEAL machine we have issue such as LEADFLOAT , OPEN, BRIDGE/SHORTED..can you help me by giving me some advise.. Badly needed you expertise on this...THANK YOU

Board Fab / EMS Threads: Need Advice

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 19 08:34:01 EST 2018 | charliedci

I'm not a big "adviser" on this forum, usually asking more than advising, but I do agree. It is good humor when needed.

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