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Problem with conformal coating

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 18 11:25:14 EST 2005 | davef

It's weird that it would be just 0805. When we see this it relates to a single part number and it goes way after a time. We use a Humiseal 1B73. I've emailed you the contact for a person that is very knowledgeable on conformal coatings.

Handskin reaction!!

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 21 11:25:41 EST 2005 | aj

thanks for all the replies. we clean our Dek Stencils after use with IPA. What gloves do you guys use when cleaning stencils? I have found some info. relating to Latex Gloves as been a possible cause..


Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 27 06:04:29 EST 2005 | raj_nz

WE have this old YV112 PICK AND PLACE machine that we put it together ourselves.the problem is after loading the file the OS does the PCB data check ,it keeps on looping to pcb data check and doesnt go to next stage. any suggestions??/

Pick and Place Machine Validation

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 09 12:18:55 EST 2005 | Greg

Hi, How do you validate a pick and place machine's performance after installation? What standard will I use to track placement accuracy? what other factors do i need to look at? thanks and regards,

AOI price

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 12 10:14:48 EST 2005 | emeto

Thanks for your answers. What I am thinking is after reflow AOI doesn't make sense. May be it is helpful only before that - show you the problems , may be repair station or something like that. What do you think about that?

Excess wave flux on lead free process

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 17 22:14:42 EST 2005 | Chua

Hi Davef, Thanks for your advise...... We are running no-clean process. If there is white residues after few days.....is it cause by those excess flux. Thanks

Double Sided Reflow

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 17 10:30:06 EST 2005 | davef

This happens. You may need to put a dot of chip bonder on the corner of the floating QFP after first pass. What size are the QFP that are moving?

Double Sided Reflow

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 17 10:34:34 EST 2005 | Rob

Or... If you have an inline glue dispensor, after printing put a glue dot in the centre of the footprint & this should hold it. Rob.

Backing up GSM - Segment Repair importance...

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 18 13:53:11 EST 2005 | jh0n

After reading this and talking to a Universal rep, we're going to start doing the same thing. Thx!

Reflowing BGA balls directly to a PCB surface

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 18 10:51:25 EST 2005 | russ

Are we talking about reflowing the two boards together after the one gets the solderballs reflowed onto it?

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