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Parts Blowing off in Reflow Oven

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 14 01:08:30 EDT 2005 | pyramus

I too experience it too component being blown out of the pad also using heller 1800. In my case I also did check entry and exit of reflow so far no obtruction. Also checked profile setting also ok. Mine is a 0603 Chip capacitor... but problem is o

Damage Component

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 28 07:24:08 EDT 2005 | SMT Production

and also check BTU blower because heat can also damage your component

Solder Analysis

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 20 08:32:33 EST 2006 | Loco

Dont feel too bad AJ, Also alpha, also have to pay over here.

Questions about SMT Process Control

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 24 16:10:27 EDT 2004 | Robert Ack

Sometimes cold solder can manifest if out of date solder paste is used. Stock rotation is one way of preventing this from happening. Also, leaving pcb's out for too long before being placed in an oven can also cause the flux to evaporate which will a

Solder paste volume require.

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 07 09:26:09 EDT 2006 | amol_kane

can you also please tell us the section in IPC-610?...is this in RevD? also, does this also give the solder volume for BGAs? Thanks, Amol

LF Wave Solder - SN100C or ????

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 16 15:34:12 EST 2012 | kahrpr

Sn100 works just fine for wave soldering. Its also the cheapest. Alpha also has SACX which also works good and is reasonably priced.

SMT Production

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 11 13:20:38 EST 2005 | caldon

- As Dave said American Competitiveness Institute is a good place to start with SMT process. they have Three lines geared to various manufacturing practicies. They also have a full compliment of inspection, x-ray, failure analysis, and rework. http:/

Soltec Deltawave

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 16 08:06:52 EST 2005 | zsolt

Grant is right, also for us was the easiest solution to us custom pallets. But you should also try to tweak preheat zones settings. The flux manufacturer should give you some basic temperatures where the flux gets activated. Also it is worth to make

Couple interesting articles on lead-free

Electronics Forum | Tue May 02 11:50:53 EDT 2006 | Rob

Good point Grant, but also to be fair some of our USA suppliers have also been very good in the Leadfree change over - Kemet, Microchip, Lattice, & Diodes Inc to name a few, whereas a the attitude of a couple of our European suppliers have left a lot

cost analysis: Manual vs. Auto insertion pick and place

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 07 04:06:36 EDT 2006 | Rob

Also company B may have far higher overheads to support - sales guys, directors, accountants etc. They may also be set up for longer runs so as Ms Chunks previously mentions, the set up & teardowns would also incur the opportunity cost of not being

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