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Dross Eliminator

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 25 04:27:10 EDT 2006 | Brian Tan

Greg, can you share what is this metallic anti drossing agent that you are refering to ?? If the cost of $20 per 1 kg, then its worth looking into. How much less typically is the dross ?? Thanks for the help. Brian

Dross Eliminator

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 07 16:50:44 EDT 2006 | greg york

Just reading these comments are really interesting but very baffling. That if the solder manufacturers produces solder which 'is' actually Virgin high quality material and treated with conventional metallic anti drossing agents AND continue to add th

Re: Wavesoldering

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 22 21:18:13 EDT 2000 | Aokilab

This may be the "wetting" problem! Assuming your process parameters are normal (work OK before), the possible reasons: 1. Presence of impurity in the solder; 2. Other impurity (oil or anti-dross) on the surface of the pot; 3. Weak solderability, due

Kirsten jet wave

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 21 06:01:07 EDT 2012 | hunzo

Hello Sergey, I have used Kirsten Modula Wave with ADL (anti dross liquid) option. We have had the same expectation like you: less dross and lower operation cost due to no inert gas is required. That is achieved, the dross generation was modest and t

Re: Anti-solder finishing

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 07 13:26:14 EST 2000 | Dave F

Spacerwoman: Carol is a professional spacer problem fighter (we think). When people have problems with spacers, they call on SPACERWOMAN!!!!! Here she is to save the day � ;-) Selecting a spacer made of brass is a good choice for many applicatio


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